A last-minute fitness routine to help you get in shape for summer

IDEALLY, YOU HAVE BEEN WALKING daily and using the exercises previously described in The Great Summit Shape-up series to get your body in shape for the challenges of high-adventure outings with your troop or crew at the big jamboree debut of the Summit Bechtel Reserve in mountainous West Virginia.

But we Scouters are a realistic bunch, so we know that often life intervenes to throw a monkey wrench into the best-laid plans. If you have been less-than conscientious about your fitness, use the slideshow gallery below to use this series of exercises to prepare your body for the Summit or any summertime Scouting adventure.

Step 1: Walk for 30 minutes every day. It’s the easiest and most effective way to prepare for the jamboree or any hike because, well, you’ll do a lot of walking. At least twice a week, strap on a loaded internal-frame pack to add extra resistance to your walk. Walk at a good clip. Build in some interval training such as the one featured in our Summit Shape-up. Use walking poles to work your upper body and burn extra calories.

Step 2: Three to four days per week, do the Prepare for Adventure Circuit workout illustrated in the slideshow gallery below. Start with one circuit of all five exercises, resting minimally, if at all, between exercises. As you build up strength and endurance, try to do two, and eventually three full circuits with no rest between exercises; rest for about one minute between circuits.

Step 3: Twice a day—in the morning and before bedtime—do some light stretching of your hamstrings, quads, low back, and shoulders.

After completing the circuit, do an active rest by walking and swinging your arms across your chest for one minute before starting another circuit. Or use this as a three-minute cool down if not repeating the circuit.

Prepare For Adventure Circuit 

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