Adult Fitness

A last-minute fitness routine to help you get in shape for summer

We Scouters are a realistic bunch, so we know that often life intervenes to throw a monkey wrench into the best-laid plans. If you have been less-than conscientious about your fitness, use this series of exercises to prepare your body for any Scouting adventure.

Health Knees Side-to-Side Lunge
Adult Fitness

Exercises to strengthen and stretch your knees

NO ONE THINKS ABOUT their knees unless they hurt or when their knees happen to be carrying them up or down a steep mountain trail under the weight of an overstuffed backpack. Your knees deserve


The health benefits of getting a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep—seven to nine hours of uninterrupted slumber—can help you ward off colds and even heart disease, improve concentration and mood, keep you from putting on pounds, and make you look younger.

Adult Fitness

Fitness: Build More Muscle in Less Time

You can keep from shrinking by using resistance training to build more muscle. This 15-minute long circuit-training plan will help boost your strength with minimal time commitment.