Advancement & Awards

Earn a BSA aquatics award this summer

From the Mile Swim award, Boardsailing, Stand Up Paddleboarding and more, find out how your Scouts can earn a special aquatics award.

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Reaching New Heights at the Summit Bechtel Reserve

At VenturingFest, young people enjoy SBR’s seemingly endless menu of world-class venues, including mountain biking, zip lining, challenge courses, climbing, stand-up paddleboarding and more.

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Nine Easy Ways to Protect your Brain

Stop worrying you’re in early stages of dementia when you can’t find your keys. Your brain isn’t — to quote Igor in “Young Frankenstein” — “Abby Normal.”

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A First-Timer’s Guide to Camping with the Whole Family

Camping with kids can feel like a lot of work — it is a lot of work — but it’s also awesome to get in the woods with our kids. Camping trips leave us all feeling more connected to nature and to one another.