Previewing the March 2021 issue of Scout Life

Paddle Like It’s 1930

Starting next year, Northern Tier will be offering new treks that follow routes that Scouts paddled decades ago. Follow one of them in the March issue as linked troops 65 of Circle Pines, Minnesota, navigate 82 miles of scenic backcountry, checking out waterfalls and Native American rock paintings. 

Hot Meals on the Trail

Learn the differences among backpacking stoves as the Gear Guy shares the top stoves on the market and what features to shop for. He also describes the kinds of fuel used, as well as which ones the BSA recommends.

Blast Off

Read the next installment of AstroNuts, a short story filled with zany, out-of-this-world illustrations. The first AstroNuts story appeared in the December 2019 issue, which your Scout can read online here.

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