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What do you get when you cross a game of hide-and-seek with high tech? Geocaching. Venturers from Crew 84 in San Rafael, Calif., journey to a nearby forest to combine pathfinding and hiking skills with the latest Global Positioning System technology. They unearth all sorts of wild and crazy loot from caches hidden in the woods. Read about their adventures in writer Scott Lindlaw's story. Cover photograph by Corey Rich.

In the May - June 2008 Issue

Tracking Trinkets and Treasure
Have you discovered "Geoscouting"? This Internet-based adventure is as challenging as a video game, but you play it outdoors.
Time Travelers in U.S. History
A busload of Louisiana Boy Scouts and Venturers learn lessons for their future while discovering America's past.
A World of Scouting Opportunities
The international representatives in BSA local councils prove that Scouting reaches beyond political, geographic, and cultural boundaries.
Leading the Way
Scouting taught some of America's top CEOs the value of service to others. Years later, they're still making a difference.
An Icon for Scouting's Centennial
Two Eagle Scouts work side by side to finalize a world-class symbol to celebrate the BSA's 100th anniversary.
Not a Happy Camper
Does your troop have Scouts who suffer from homesickness? These easy solutions will have them camping with confidence in no time.