Cub Scout Activities

Cub Scout Recruiting: How Do They Do It

Everyone wants great fall roundup ideas, and Scouters in Otetiana Council, Rochester, N.Y., are happy to share the strategies that fueled their 2004 campaign.

Cub Scout Activities

Age-appropriate service projects for Webelos Scouts

In our November-December 2004 issue, Webelos Den Leader H.S. noted that service projects are required for several Webelos activity badges and awards. He asked for examples of good projects. Readers offered several ideas.

Cub Scout Activities

Keeping Webelos Scouts active in their second year

When committee member E.M.P. asked for ways to retain second-year Webelos Scouts, readers suggested more activities with Scout troops, unique service projects, and earning special awards.

Cub Scout Leadership

The Leader's Bag of Magical Wonders

During unexpected program lulls, a handy dandy collection of tricks and gimmicks can hold the attention of restless Cub Scouts.

Cub Scout Activities

Developing an effective summertime program

Great weather and fun-filled outings help Cub Scout packs benefit from a well-planned summertime program. Also: Learn about the National Summertime Pack Award.

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Cub Scout Activities

Master simple magic tricks

Mastering simple magic tricks helps build self-confidence while turning Cub Scouts into instant entertainers.