Let’s Go Racing! Cub Scouts Show Off Their Creative Cars

It’s that time of year again. And while this year might look a little different with virtual or socially distanced Pinewood Derby races, the imagination and friendly competition will stay the same.

If you are looking for direction on how to have a safe and fun race day this year, check here. For more tips on building and designing cars, check here.

We asked Scouters to share photos of their Cub Scouts’ past racers; some were built for speed, others for fun. Hopefully they’ll serve as inspiration for your Cub Scout’s car this year. You can share this year’s car via our online submission form at go.scoutingmagazine.org/showandtell or by emailing us at scoutingmag@gmail.com.

Rolling down the track

Webelos Scout Gryphon Haines of Pack 90 in Pittsburgh likes food, but he loves sushi. He designed and mostly built his Pinewood Derby car last year to resemble a bamboo serving tray complete with tuna roll, two pieces of nigiri, wasabi and chopsticks. The car wasn’t that fast, but it served as a sight to see each time it went down the track.

Photo courtesy of Garrett Haines


Daniel Tauchnitz of Pack 413 in Clearwater, Fla., created this “cat-racer.” During the races, the car’s tail kept hitting the finish line (fortunately, after the nose).

Photo courtesy of Jenifer Tauchnitz

An appetizing racer

A Webelos den in Chesapeake, Va., won Pack 55’s “most original” award with a cheesy racer.

Photo courtesy of Sasha Aaron

Ready for battle

Kaden Rainer of Pack 3032 in Florence, Ky., built this car designed to look like the Battleship Missouri. The World War II-era ship was the site of the surrender of Japan.

Photo courtesy of Daron Rainer

Sibling success

Arrow of Light Scout Alex Hatfield and his sister Katelyn, a Wolf Scout, both of Pack 1305 in Canonsburg, Pa., took home trophies. Alex won second place overall and Katelyn won in the show and tell category.

Photo courtesy of James Hatfield

Can’t believe it’s a Pinewood Derby car

Scouter Frank Olson with Pack 770 of Marietta, Ga., showed off this butter-themed car. All it needed was yellow paint and a used butter-stick wrapper.

Photo courtesy of Frank Olson

Years of quality time

Joshua Hoffman and his son Jackson of Pack 141 in Sycamore, Ill., enjoyed making larger versions of toy cars for four years of Pinewood Derby races. “Memories to last a lifetime,” Joshua says.

Photo courtesy of Joshua Hoffman
Photo courtesy of Joshua Hoffman

Building fun

Lion Scout Connor Mooney of Pack 2835 in Chesterfield, Va., had fun creating his car. During the day of the race, he won first overall, even beating parents’ cars.

Photo courtesy of Kim Mooney

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