Cub Scout Adventures offer more than colorful swag

Adventure is a hallmark of every level of the Scouting program. But in Cub Scouting, the word takes on a special meaning. For each badge of rank, Cub Scouts must complete a series of Adventures, which are collections of themed multidisciplinary activities on specific topics.

How many Adventures are required for each rank?

For Lion, five required Adventures. For Tiger, Wolf and Bear, six required Adventures and one elective. For Webelos, five required Adventures and one elective. For Arrow of Light, four required Adventures and one elective.

How long should an Adventure take to complete?

About two den meetings.

Do Adventures have to be completed in order?

No. Also, Cub Scouts may work on required and elective Adventures at the same time.

Can Cub Scouts “go back” and do Adventures for previous ranks?

No. Cub Scouts work on Adventures that are specific to their grade and rank.

Toward which rank do Adventures completed over the summer count?

The rank the Cub Scout is moving into. Cub Scouts move up at the end of the school year.

What is a Webelos Adventure counselor?

Some Webelos and Arrow of Light Adventure pins, especially those that focus on hobbies and careers, have more meaning when a subject matter expert works with the Cub Scouts. This counselor could be a parent, teacher, coach or other adult with specific expertise; Scouters who counsel related merit badges could also be good resources. All BSA policies and procedures, including those related to Youth Protection and safety, still apply.

What about classes offered by a local museum?

With local council approval, outside organizations and businesses can present classes, events or similar activities designed to help Cub Scouts complete Adventures. Again, all BSA policies and procedures apply. Note that any fees charged should cover only costs directly related to presenting the opportunity.

What do Cub Scouts receive when they complete Adventures?

Lions, Tigers, Wolves and Bears receive metal loops that are worn on the Cub Scout belt. Webelos Scouts working on the Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks receive metal pins; these are worn either on the Webelos colors (displayed on the right uniform sleeve) or on the front of the Webelos cap.

Do adult partners receive recognition for Lion Adventures?

No. Recognition items are for Cub Scouts only.

Do I need to submit an advancement report for loops and pins?

No. However, the pack should record all Adventures — required and elective — in Scoutbook to ensure each Cub Scout’s records are complete.

When should loops and pins be presented?

Immediate recognition is important in Cub Scouting, so Cub Scouts should be recognized as soon as possible — even at the meeting where they complete an Adventure. Some packs present loops and pins immediately and certificates at the next pack meeting; others do the reverse. The key is to find a method that works well for the members of the pack and that offers immediate public recognition. 


  1. my Grandson has no leader, he the leader moved up with his son. So my grandson has no leader. He is the only 5 1/2 year old till school starts. What is their for him except 3 day, day camp?

    • Barbara, you have many options available to you
      1. Get your Pack leadership involved
      2. You can register as the leader, recruit more Lions and create a summer program
      3. Find another Pack in your area and ask if your grandson can join in some of their activities
      4. Transfer to a Pack that offers more opportunities for your family.
      5. etc.

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