Scout Crafts: Origami Tents


  • Sturdy colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Photos of your Scout


First, you’ll take a sturdy square piece of paper and fold it in half. If your Scouts are helping with this project, remind them to line up the edges and crease their folds.

Fold the paper over again.

Then fold it back.

Now, you’ll make a couple of diagonal folds to your center crease. These will be the tent flaps. Your tent will likely stand up better if you make sure to fold all the way to the edge.

Next, you can fold the corners of your tent flaps up so you can see inside.

Now you can glue a photo of your Scout inside the tent. It’s a great personal touch your Scouts will love.

And that’s a one-person tent!

Another tent idea:

Take a square piece of paper and fold it diagonally. Unfold it and make another diagonal fold the opposite way. Unfold it and fold the paper in half. Unfold it; you should have three creases, one horizontal, and the other two going toward the corners.

Press your finger at the center point where all creases meet until you create a dent. Pull the paper back in half, until the horizontal crease end points meet. Holding the horizontal end points, the paper should look similar to an hourglass. Take the rounded “bases” of this hourglass form and press them down toward the center where you’re holding the horizontal end points together. Press flat.

Your paper should look like a triangle with four flaps. Fold each flap on both sides toward the center; there should be some excess extending down. Flare the bottom out and fold the excess inside.

The final product should be a triangular tent with a square base.

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