From the Commissioner: Welcome to the Best Scouting Year Ever!

Every year is an exciting year to be a Scout. And every year I think this will be the best year ever. Each of Scouting’s members and volunteers has the opportunity for fun and adventure. We make deep friendships, and we are constantly inspired to live up to the ideals and serve people. And, for me, one of the richest rewards is watching a young person grow into an outstanding citizen and knowing I had a part in it. I have loved every one of my 35 years in Scouting. I want everyone to have a great Scouting experience, regardless of the form it might take.

I was excited when the BSA announced we would be welcoming girls into our packs and troops. I was thrilled to think that girls at younger ages than ever before would have those same opportunities for fun and adventure that boys have had for 100-plus years. Girls would get to do the things I only got to watch my brother do. I knew this would be an amazing opportunity for girls. I know this move will have a huge impact on them — and a big impact on Scouting. And as we have watched girls join packs, it has been true.

For years, my granddaughter has tagged along after her Scout brother, and I wasn’t sure she would join herself. A grandmother just never knows.

Last August, she rang my doorbell, and there she stood in a second-year Webelos uniform. With a smile as big as Texas, she announced, “I’m tired of watching Eric have all the fun.”

That means that in February she’ll cross over into the BSA’s program for older youth.

Yes, this is going to be the best Scouting year ever!

Yours for better Scouting,

Ellie Morrison

National Commissioner

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