Scouters in Action: He saved his wife from a fire!


“Scouters in Action” subjects come from the National BSA Court of Honor. If you know of an act of heroism that should be recognized, contact your local BSA council office for a lifesaving or meritorious award application. Note: Consult approved safety guidelines, as actions depicted here may not precisely follow standard procedures.

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  1. Just in case my story can help someone in the future, here is my advice. 1. Realize that Fire hurts, but SMOKE KILLS. It is NOT like campfire smoke. 2. Have a plan and a meet-up location, if necessary, who is going to call 911 and from where, decide in advance to include the pets in your plan. 3. NEVER go back into a burning house unless there is a child in there. 4. Have a rechargeable flashlight and always keep it in the same location. 5. Give everyone a job, it could be to hug a tree, hug their little sibling, stand across the street to wave down fire fighters, or take pictures/video from a safe distance.

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