Challenge yourself with a Scouting Awards Crossword


1. One of the activities that could earn a Conservation Good Turn patch, 2 words

9. Wedding promise, 2 words

11.  ____ Preparedness BSA Award, for training and actions to help prepare for disasters

12. Eagle’s claw

13. Friend in French

14. Cheerleader’s cry

16. “Leave no ____”

18. Kind of room

20. Prior to starting the Personal Fitness merit badge requirements, this is required medically

25. Annoying insect at a campsite

26. Computer company VIP

27. State where the Theodore Roosevelt National Park is

28. William T. _____ Award for environmental stewardship

30. Bravery

32. One of the areas of emphasis in the National Outdoor Achievement Award

35. Heroine and famous advocate for the disabled, Helen ____

40. Unmanned aircraft

41. Color on the U.S. flag emblem

42. Field days

44. Say __ to bullying

45. A Sea Scout might sail on it

46. Sported

47. Camping equipment


1. It’s the Scout motto: Be ____

2. Keep ____ Beautiful Hometown USA Award, for outstanding citizenship and environmental improvement

3. Cub Scout rank before Wolf

4. A Scout is Thrifty is the ____ point in the Scout Law

5. Encouraging word

6. Additional thing

7. Region-level award for Scouter service, 2 words

8. Behavior

10. Carry out

15. Cape ___ in Massachusetts

17. Type of vegetable a Scout learns about in the Gardening merit badge

19. Completes

21. One of the systems discussed in the Automotive Maintenance merit badge

22. First ___ kit

23. Very cold

24. Traditional Yule drink

29. Promotions

31. Environmentally friendly color

32. The A in OA

33. Below

34. It might need a bandage

36. One of the founders of the OA, Carroll ____

37. Short for letter

38. Printer’s measure

39. The Scouter’s Key, for one

43. Lodge










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