Scouts soar at Tahosa High Adventure Base, Denver Area Council

Elevate your Scouting experience at Tahosa High Adventure Base in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. As if the base’s unusually high elevation (nearly 9,000 feet) wasn’t enough, Tahosa is best known for its COPE course, which takes place another few dozen feet off the ground.

COPE, or Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience, is a “people puzzle.” Scouts and Venturers work together to solve problems by swinging, jumping, climbing, lifting, balancing, rappelling and belaying. This is no videogame. Participants use their hands, feet and brains to conquer challenges of increasing difficulty. Bonds form. Confidence blooms. Fears melt away.

It all happens in a single weekend. Tahosa’s Project COPE begins Friday night and ends Sunday afternoon. Participants sleep in comfortable cabins and eat staff-prepared meals so they can focus on the confidence-building fun. Tahosa is located 90 minutes from Denver, making it accessible to in- and out-of-state units. But there’s more to Tahosa than COPE. For example:

  • Big Horn National Youth Leadership Training, a six-day course that equips Scouts and Venturers with leadership skills to use back home — both inside and outside of Scouting.
  • Three- or five-day Alpine Adventure Treks, during which troops or individual participants enjoy a fully guided adventure in the Colorado high country. They can climb rocks, glissade down snowfields, practice low-impact camping and summit peaks of more than 13,000 feet.
  • Hooked on Tahosa, the camp’s unique spin on the Fly-Fishing merit badge. All equipment is provided, and fishing licenses aren’t required.

Learn more by visiting and clicking on the “Camping” tab.

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