How troop T-shirts help your Scouts look their best


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By Bryan Wendell

Mom or Dad didn’t spend hours sewing on patches to see that button-up uniform come back a muddy mess.

That’s where the activity uniform really shines. It offers a uniform alternative that keeps the field uniform ready for occasions like courts of honor and flag ceremonies while still identifying and unifying your troop.

But not all activity uniforms are created equal. A well-designed custom Boy Scout troop T-shirt creates a striking, eye-catching look that helps your Scouts feel like a team.

Here’s the why and how behind troop T-shirts:

Why: Four reasons to go with custom T-shirts for your troop

1. Custom T-shirts help others (both in and out of Scouting) identify your troop and hometown. A bunch of guys in various T-shirts could be anyone. A bunch of guys in shirts that say “Troop 449, Denver, Colorado” leaves no doubt.

2. The official field uniform could get ruined if worn while hiking, camping or just being a guy. An activity uniform, including a troop T-shirt, is made to be worn in the elements.

3. Scouts are more likely to wear a troop T-shirt than an official uniform shirt to school, sports or church. That means more visibility for Scouting.

4. Custom Boy Scout troop T-shirts leave no Scout out. When all shirts are the same, Scouts don’t need to worry about whether they’re wearing the right brand or sports logo.

How: Four tips for using custom T-shirts for your troop

1. Troops should be boy-led. Have your patrol leaders’ council (PLC) narrow the field to a few favorite designs and then ask the troop to vote on the winner.

2. Consider non-cotton varieties that wick moisture away from the skin when you sweat. Your Scouts will thank you.

3. Start a new troop tradition by welcoming new Scouts with their very own custom T-shirt at crossover time. They’ll be more likely to come back if they get a “welcome to the troop” gift right away.

4. Think outside the short-sleeve T-shirt. Hoodies and long-sleeve shirts keep your troop looking sharp in any weather.

See more tips in this ClassB troop T-shirt buyers’ guide.

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