Test yourself with a BSA council-themed crossword puzzle



1. Former name of the Pennsylvania-based Washington Crossing Council; also a group of male deer

4. ____ Trail Council in Midland, Texas; named after a shaggy animal

8. Boise-based council; the name is a combination of two states

11. Camp Hugh Taylor Birch of the Tecumseh Council is in ____ Springs, Ohio; also a color

13. Home state of the Las Vegas Area Council, abbr.

14. A measure of a student’s academic achievement (abbr.)

16. __ _ roll (winning); two words

17. City where the Mount Baker Council is based

18. One of LBJ’s beagles

19. Greater ____ Council, based in Vestavia Hills

21. Birthday treats

23. It goes with neither

25. One half of the name of the council based in Binghamton, N.Y., and an iconic figure in Scouting

27. New Jersey city served by the Washington Crossing Council

30. Assess the value of

31. City that is served by Milwaukee’s Three Harbors Council

34. ___-America Council, based in Omaha, Neb.

36. The southernmost state that the Cascade Pacific Council serves, abbr.

37. Afternoon time

38. ____ Swamp Area Council in Ohio; also a color

39. Longs ____ Council in Colorado


1. One half of the name of the council based in Asheville, N.C.; last name of an American pioneer

2. Greater _________ Council, based in Ohio

3. Bulrush, e.g.

4. “__ Prepared”

5. Council serving northwest Pennsylvania; two words

6. Council based in Parkersburg, W.Va.

7. Forward

9. Minister’s title, abbr.

10. Suitable

12. Four quarters

15. _______ Area Council; serves Cherokee, Cobb and Pickens counties in Ga.

19. City serviced by the Chattahoochee Council

20. New England’s Cape ___

22. It can be a barrier to learning and partnership

24. Meal morsel

26. ___ Manning, an NFL quarterback

28. Arizona city located near Phoenix and served by the Grand Canyon Council

29. To approve quietly

30. Email subject line abbr.

32. Kind of Scout

33. Basketball organization

35. John Denver’s “Thank God __ _ Country Boy”; two words

36. The Last Frontier Council is based in this
state (abbr.)























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