Affordable, quality road-cycling gear for beginner riders

Take the guessing game out of road-cycling gear with this list of favorites for beginner cyclists.

Road biking has been a Scouting mainstay for more than 100 years. Debuted way back in 1911, the Cycling merit badge requires Scouts to both know how to repair and maintain a bike as well as ride safely for long distances on the road or in the mountains.

Indeed, to earn the badge a Scout may choose to plot a road-biking route and pedal a minimum of 100 miles cumulatively over the course of five road rides. Plenty of Venturing crews take cycling to the next level with multiday bike-touring trips spanning hundreds of miles. (Help your troop or crew plan a multiday bike tour using these tips from a seasoned bike-touring expert.)

What’s keeping you from hitting the road with your troop or crew? This column highlights a spread of road-biking gear to get you going—and hopefully instill a lifetime of cycling adventure beyond.

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  1. I have been searching for so long trying to find quality, affordable biking gear, but just haven’t found any. I really like the SL bike computer. I fell like that would be something that could help me out a lot as I am going down the mountain. I’m going to look into those for sure.

  2. I resently purchased a Serfas cycle computer and the company is no longer available. I cannot get it to change from KM to mile mode. Can you help me out?

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