Focus Culebro Road Bike

Focus Culebro Road Bike

Focus Culebro Road Bike


Ready to race or tackle a century ride, the Culebro is fast, light, and built with quality components that will last for years. A sleek aluminum frame and carbon fork constitute the body. Its derailleurs, wheels, handlebars, and other parts offer speed and durability on long rides or races on the road.


  1. I think you need to rethink/define what you consider to be “affordable.” perhaps if you are single person without children or other responsibilities, 1650 is “affordable.” rather insensitive of you.

    • How is it insensitive? Cycling is not the cheapest hobby. If you want a good roadbike, it’s gonna cost. Buying used might be a better deal for you.

  2. Any recommendations on what bike to purchase for younger scouts, ie, Tenderfoot rank, who want to start biking short distances with their troop?

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