Quiz: Are you ready to lead?

How ready are you to lead Scouts or Venturers? Test your new knowledge—thanks to our New Leader Guide—in this 10-question, open-ended quiz.

While there’s no “prize” for right answers, you will rest assured that you’re ready to tackle all of the responsibilities that come with your new job as a Scouting volunteer.

If the quiz (below) is not visible to you, please visit this link to take the quiz.

12 thoughts on “Quiz: Are you ready to lead?

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  2. Question #3 says that you have already recruited the youth. Beascout.org is for scouts looking for a unit near them. I picked scouting.org instead.

  3. I’ll agree with Chris Dillard – #3 is wrong. I’d tell a boy or his parents who are interested in Scouting to go to beascout.org, but once he’s recruited, scouting.org is more appropriate

    • You and Chris both make an excellent point. We’ve rephrased the question to avoid this problem.

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


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