Quiz: Are you ready to lead?

See something you missed? Check out the New Leader Guide to brush up on your Scouting knowledge.

While there’s no “prize” for right answers, you will rest assured that you’re ready to tackle all of the responsibilities that come with your new job as a Scouting volunteer.



  1. Question #3 says that you have already recruited the youth. Beascout.org is for scouts looking for a unit near them. I picked scouting.org instead.

  2. I’ll agree with Chris Dillard – #3 is wrong. I’d tell a boy or his parents who are interested in Scouting to go to beascout.org, but once he’s recruited, scouting.org is more appropriate

    • You and Chris both make an excellent point. We’ve rephrased the question to avoid this problem.

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


  3. Even after the question was rephrased, I still like scouting.org as the place to find out more about Scouting.

    • I believe that the sooner you get a prospective scout talking with real scouts, the more likely they are to join. BeAScout.org gets that job done faster. Scouting.org is not visually appealing to kids.

      • Dennis you are correct! BeAScout.org is the best option if Units have kept their information up-to-date and complete, especially with a Link to a Unit Webpage.

    • You are incorrect. The official answer is correct. The ‘question” does not state that you have recruited a Scout. The question states that you have met a new ‘prospective’ Scout. He has not yet been recruited. Of the four possible answers, “BeAScout.org is the best option. If units are entering their info into the system and providing a link to Unit Web Pages, this would provide a resource where the ‘prospective’ new scout could look at Packs,Troops or Crews in his area and find the one that might be the ‘best fit’ for him. The Units’ information such as leader POC, meeting locations and schedules must be complete and up-to-date. This is so the youth can contact units and find the unit that would be the best fit for him.

  4. I’m not sure what’s going on. I keep selecting the correct answer for Question #4 yet it keeps insisting I selected something else. I’ve taken the quiz 3 times and keep getting 90% because of that error.

    At least I have the satisfaction of knowing I got 100% but I just thought I should see if anyone else was having the same problem?

  5. We have only just begun in scouting! Surprised myself with 100%! Pretty good for the new girl. As soon as I get training completed I will be Assistant Den Leader for the Webelos in our pack!

  6. The question about whether families are welcome at the Philmont Scout Ranch is incorrect!

    As our council’s Philmont Ambassador, I’ve learned a lot – first hand – about the Philmont Scout Ranch.

    One of the things they will tell you is the 7- or 12-day treks do NOT line up with the conferences at the Philmont Training center.

    Oft times I find people asking this same question. The answer is always NO! Do not come to the Ranch and expect to attend a PTC conference. Conferences are for 7 days. if you have a 7-day trek, it probably won’t match the start/end days of your trek. 12-day treks? No. PTC does not have room for people who arrive early or need to stay after the last day of their conference.

    Please change that question!

    Paul Yelk
    Philmont Ambassador
    Inland Northwest Council
    Spokane WA

  7. I think this quiz was great. Every volunteer and professional should take it. Very simple and a good overview of the basics.

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