Advancement & Awards

All about earning merit badges

Merit badges lie at the heart of the Boy Scout advancement program. Almost every Scout earns at least a few, and a few Scouts earn them all. While merit badges cover a diverse range of subjects, they’re all earned the same way.

Emergency Preparedness

Survive This! Separation Anxiety

You’re hiking in the wilderness, and three hours into the journey you’ve become hopelessly lost. Then you realize you’ve dropped your map somewhere along the way. What do you do?

Backpacking & Hiking

Explore the wild trails on Isle Royale National Park

ISLE ROYALE NATIONAL PARK is like no other park in the United States. Located in Lake Superior’s northwest corner, the park has no roads leading to it. Nor do any exist anywhere on the island. That’s because more than 98 percent of the land in Isle Royale is designated wilderness.

Boy Scout Popcorn Sales
Boy Scout activities

Ten tips for making popcorn sales pop

Question: What do movies and Scouting have in common? Answer: They both can be made better by popcorn.  It’s nearly fall, and that means it’s time for Scouts to sell popcorn to help fund all

Boy Scout Leadership

Wanna Fight?

Ideas from the field: What to do when the fists start flying.