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Webelos Scout Brandon Mitchell contemplates the many twists and turns that await as Pack 246, Portland, Ore., prepares to enter the Pumpkin Patch corn maze on Oregon's Sauvie Island. Freelance writer Karen McGeorge Sanders's account of this fun and challenging autumn learning experience begins on page 20. Photograph by Doug Wilson.

In the October 2002 Issue

The Color Guard Illustrations

A father's moment of pride in his son's rite of passage marks another step in letting go.

Maze Days

A cornfield labyrinth provides Cub Scouts with a fun and challenging autumn learning experience.

Joining Forces

School and Scouting work together at Hargrave Military Academy.

The BSA's Year-Round Scout Show Illustrations

The National Scouting Museum welcomes visitors to its new home in Irving, Tex.

Chips Off the Block

Doc Hasler inspires family and others to enjoy the hobby of wood carving. A FAMILY TOGETHER FEATURE

Lifelong Learning Illustrations

The BSA's "training continuum" for leaders reduces repetition and adds flexibility.


Ohio Scouts test their search-and-rescue skills in realistic situations.

Cutting the Cord Illustrations

Scouts learn important lessons when allowed to fail or succeed on their own.

The Leader's Bag of Magical Wonders Illustrations

Tricks and gimmicks can hold the attention of restless Cub Scouts.

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