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Limiting TV is worthwhile

The practice of limiting TV viewing for children described in the March-April article "A Week with no TV" was something I started when my three sons were between 5 and 9 years old. The outcome: all three became Eagle Scouts and as adults are successful in their chosen occupation—doctor, attorney, and business owner.

They have continued this type of fun (not punishment) with their own children, and all four of my grandkids are doing exceptionally well in school.

TV can be used on the weekend if the family doesn't have other plans, but seven nights a week we eat dinner together! And the computer is used only for homework or preparing reports, no games or e-mail.

Alvin M. Saltzman
Scoutmaster, Troop 13
Cubmaster, Pack 13
Los Angeles, Calif.

Troop says top recipes taste great

The March-April 2001 issue with the "Winners of Great Taste" recipes arrived just in time for a recent overnight outing, and we think the judges were right on the mark. Special thanks to Scoutmaster John C. Kates III of Troop 5, Detroit, Mich., for his "mandarin Orange Chicken" recipe and to committee member Joe Story of Troop 225, Valdese, N.C. for his "Dutch Oven Apple Dumplings."

Our boys found both recipes to be easy and delicious. We're looking forward to sampling the other winners.

Paul EspinosaAssistant Scoutmaster, Troop 142
Leetown, W.Va.

The winning recipes for Scouting magazine's "Great Tastes in Camp Cooking" contest additionally can be found on the magazine's Web site. The magazine's current competition is "Capture the Spirit of Scouting" photo contest. All registered BSA members, adult or youth, are eligible to participate, and entries must be received by October 1, 2001. See the item in News Briefs for more details.

OA patches looked familiar

As a former patch collector (dormant for 30 years) who is now returning to active collecting, I was excited to see the article about "Scouting's Swap Shop" in the March-April 2001 issue.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed that the illustrations of the Order of the Arrow lodge pocket flap patches included the Minsi flap and also the first Kittatinny flap from my old lodge, Minsi/Kittatinny Lodge 5.

In 1971, I served as the first chief of the new Kittatinny Lodge, following the merger of Pennsylvania's Daniel Boone Council (Minsi Lodge 5) and Appalachian Trail Council (Memeu Lodge 125) to form the Hawk Mountain Council.

My son is now involved in Scouting and I still proudly wear the first Kittatinny Lodge flap on my uniform.

John Wenrich
Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 151
Dublin, Va.

The "swap fest" imagined by illustrator Bill Basso in the March-April issue included a Scouter who has collected the first flap patch from six of the first seven OA lodges in numerical order. These include Unami Lodge 1 (Cradle of Liberty Council—flaps 1 and 1a); Sahican Lodge 2 (George Washington Council); Nawakwa Lodge 3 (Robert E. Lee Council); Ranachqua Lodge 4 (Greater New York Councils, The Bronx); Kittatinny Lodge 5 (Hawk Mountain Council—flap 5); and Minsi Lodge 5 (Daniel Boone Council—flap 5a).

He enjoyed the magazine

I am a 70-year-old veteran Scouter, and I have just finished the March-April 2001 issue ... it is one of the best issues of Scouting magazine I have ever read in almost 50 years of receiving the magazine.

Donald J. Sudemeier
Arkeny, Iowa

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