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When the Cub Scout families of Den 1, Pack 7, in Roanoke, Va., unplugged themselves from TV-watching for a week, they used the time for a multitude of endeavors, many involving the entire family. Find out how you can participate in National TV-Turnoff Week, April 23 to 29, by reading John H. Ostdick's story. Cover photo illustration by Craig van der Lende.

In the March-April 2001 Issue

In Support of Values

These facts will assist Scouting leaders in responding to misconceptions resulting from the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

April Is Youth Protection Month Illustrations

The BSA launches a national campaign to greatly reduce the possibility of child sexual abuse.

A Sense of Awe

Pack 1533's Webelos Scout graduation ceremony provides lasting memories for the boys moving up to Boy Scouting.

Winners of Great Taste Photographs

Feast upon the top entries in our "Great Tastes in Camp Cooking" recipe contest.

It's All About Service

The Grand Canyon Council's Wipala Wiki Lodge sets an example for the Order of the Arrow's goal of increased service.

Birds of a Feather...

An Ohio family's birdbanding activities help provide important wildlife data.

A Week With No TV Photographs

How did a den of Roanoke, Va., Cub Scout families fare during National TV-Turnoff Week? First, they survived. Second, they even enjoyed it!

Scouting's Swap Shop Illustrations

A "trade-o-ree" attracts dedicated patch traders in search of prized additions to their ever-growing specialized collections.

Follow Baloo for Cub Scout Camping Illustrations

Pack leaders learn how to plan and carry out an "entry-level" outdoor experience.

Swim Check Illustrations

The building of one's self-confidence can sometimes be as simple as jumping into the icy waters of a mountain lake.

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