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Scouts of Troop 28 surround Scoutmaster Nabor Cortez, whose work in bringing Scouting to Falfurrias, Tex., personifies the theme of the BSA's new national Hispanic emphasis campaign—¡Scouting Vale la pena!(Scouting! It's worth the effort!) Read about Cortez and other outstanding Hispanic Scouters in Bill Sloan's article. Cover Photograph by David Nance.)

In the September 2001 Issue

Score-O in Longhorn Country

Texas Scouts and Scouters grab maps and compasses to track down blaze orange markers in a popular orienteering meet.

Volunteer Training for The 21st Century

New BSA training is highlighted by a leadership-focused Wood Badge that provides broader knowledge of the total Scouting program.

Focus on Hocus-Pocus Illustrations

Magic tricks build self-confidence and turn Cub Scouts into instant entertainers.

Partners in Service

For more than seven decades, The Salvation Army and the BSA have helped bring Scouting to low-income youth.

Compass Bearings Illustrations

It's not always easy for a Scoutmaster to let a Scout decide what the right thing to do is.

¡Scouting Vale la Pena!

A BSA pilot marketing campaign in South Texas brings more Scouting opportunities to the nation's fastest-growing minority.

Writing the Next Chapter Photographs

A new Strategic Plan introduced at the BSA national annual meeting will help Scouters write the next—and best—installment in the epic story of Scouting.

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