Boy Scout Leadership

Fat Chance

People who recite the Boy Scout Oath promise to keep themselves ‘physically strong.’ That goes for adult leaders, too. It’s time for you and your Scouts to get fitter and faster—and avoid missing out on Scouting’s greatest adventures.


Helping Children Get the Sleep They Need

The rising numbers of first graders through high school seniors who fail to get adequate rest are a wake-up call for parents to become more proactive in promoting healthy slumber.


Building A Child's Personal Health Record

Because much of the accuracy of a diagnosis relies on a medical and health history, parents can partner with their child’s health providers by creating and keeping a PHR up to date.

Health & Fitness

Parenting Solutions: Helping Your Child Avoid Obesity

Obesity in children can lead to adult weight problems and chronic disease. But unwanted pounds can be taken off overweight kids wisely and without too much fuss – or kept off those otherwise likely to gain.