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Cool Camps: Camp Gorsuch

Set on 24 acres at the base of Bear Mountain, Camp Gorsuch gives Scouts a true Alaskan experience.

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Tips to remember when animal-proofing your campsite

I’ve guided more than 100 wilderness trips in remote parts of North America, and no animal has ever robbed me of my food. Why? Because I keep smellables where animals can’t see — or smell — them.

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Cool Camp: Camp Ho Non Wah

“Ho Non Wah” means “Land of Rising and Falling Waters.” It is set on 184 acres at low tide — 154 when the tidal river comes in.

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Reaching New Heights at the Summit Bechtel Reserve

At VenturingFest, young people enjoy SBR’s seemingly endless menu of world-class venues, including mountain biking, zip lining, challenge courses, climbing, stand-up paddleboarding and more.