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Reaching New Heights at the Summit Bechtel Reserve

At VenturingFest, young people enjoy SBR’s seemingly endless menu of world-class venues, including mountain biking, zip lining, challenge courses, climbing, shooting sports, stand-up paddleboarding and more.

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More to Explore This Year at BSA Family Adventure Camp

After the successful debut of Philmont’s BSA Family Adventure Camp, the BSA is expanding its family adventure camping opportunities to the Summit Bechtel Reserve and Florida Sea Base in 2021.

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Come Sail Away at Sea Base This Summer

When it comes to exploring everything the coast of Florida and the nearby waters of the Gulf of Mexico have to offer, there’s no better option than Florida National High Adventure Sea Base.

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Learn How to Make a Dutch Oven Backcountry Dessert Sure to Please

Fresh peach cobbler is a terrific way to end a campsite dinner and a great start to mastering Dutch oven cooking. Practice a few basics and you can turn out biscuits, stews, soups and pies as you tap into a cooking tradition as old as Scouting itself.

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Take Our Cold-Weather Camping Quiz

Winter is almost over, but that doesn’t mean camping this month won’t still be chilly. Take our quiz to make sure you can Be Prepared.

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Making Winter Fun for Your Cub Scouts

This story appeared in the November-December 2018 issue of Scouting magazine. “Jack Frost nipping at your nose” might be a great song lyric, but it’s not how everyone would choose to spend a winter weekend. Fortunately, most

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Get Scouts Out in the Cold With the Right Leadership

Pack 3’s annual winter outing succeeds, they say, for two main reasons: They create a safe, structured event that teaches Cub Scouts it’s possible to be comfortable in the cold, and they bring in local older Scouts to provide leadership.