Cool Camps: Camp Gorsuch

Camp Gorsuch

Great Alaska Council

Chugiak, Alaska

Set on 24 acres at the base of Bear Mountain, Camp Gorsuch gives Scouts a true Alaskan experience. They can study gold and jade harvested in the state while they work on the Mining in Society merit badge. They can fish for rainbow trout while watching eagles soar and hearing loons call from Mirror Lake. They can watch lake residents fly in and out on float planes.

The camp, which is outside of Wasilla, offers day camps for Cub Scouts. For Scouts BSA members, first-year campers work on rank advancement through the Cheechako Trail program and can also earn the Firem’n Chit, Totin’ Chip and Paul Bunyan Award. Scouts have their choice from about 20 merit badges, with Welding, Search and Rescue, Wilderness Survival and Mining in Society often making the list of offerings.

Photo courtesy of the Great Alaska Council

Scouts can also choose to attend outposts, either for a night or for the week, where they focus on survival skills or aquatics. Camp Gorsuch also offers challenging games, from chess to river dancing to the popular “Battle for Bear Mountain” — a waterlogged contest where Scouts in canoes try to submerge the other vessel by splashing buckets of water into it.

The camp touts tenured staff members, some with 20 years of experience, who are committed to Scouts having fun.

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