Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan survived a storm to offer a great program this year

Camp Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan, Northeast Illinois Council, Pearson, Wis.

Last summer, a severe thunderstorm hit Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation, shearing off trees, uprooting tents and sending branches crashing into buildings. Thanks to the help of devoted volunteers, the camp will be open for business this year.

Stretching across 1,500 acres of beautiful forest, six lakes and one creek, Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan is home to two full-service camps, a wilderness camp, a high-adventure base and a horse ranch. The program areas offer activities such as aquatics, handicraft, Scoutcraft, climbing, horseback riding, cycling and zip lines.

At Triangle M Ranch, horses are available for the Horsemanship merit badge and trail rides. Also, at the cycling base, a fleet of fat-tire bikes are perfect for tackling Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan’s trails, which range from beginner to advanced. Troops and individuals alike may sign up for longer trail rides in the afternoons.

The Trailblazer program is for first-year campers. The Pinnacle program is designed for older Scouts.

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  1. Hi, it would be helpful to know which council or state the camp is in. Yes, I know that Google is my friend, but information saves a bit of wondering.

    • It is the camp for NEIC (NorthEastern Illinois Council) and located in northern Wisconsin, in the beautiful North Woods.

    • Steve,
      MaKaJaWan is in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin (Pearson WI to be exact) and is owned/operated by the Northeast Illinois Council (NEIC).

    • Northeast Illinois Council owns and runs the camp. Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan is located in the North woods of Wisconsin. The nearest town is Pearson, WI. (Note the caption under the photo in the article)

    • Hi Steve,

      Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan is the flagship summer camp for the Northeast Illinois Council (NEIC). While the NEIC is based in Vernon Hills, IL, a town about 30 miles north of Chicago, Camp Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan is a 4.5 hour drive away in Pearson, WI.

  2. It was a mighty storm, but the staff was great, and all the parent leaders stepped up too. My son normally gets scarred by storms like this, but him and his other scouts stayed calm.

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