Climb higher at Idaho’s Camp Morrison

“Rock ON!” isn’t your average introductory summer camp rock-climbing course, where you just put on a harness and go. Instead, Scouts who visit Camp Morrison get an advanced climbing experience that teaches them everything from how to pick sites to setting up climbs under the guidance of Level I- and Level II-certified climbing instructors.

Scouts climb four hours per day, every day, all week — each day on a different natural rock face. (No man-made climbing towers here.) Adults who participate can become Level-I certified by the end of the week.

There’s also a nature trail that winds through the dense Payette National Forest, where you can spot deer, fox and other forest critters. Payette Lake provides the ideal spot for an aquatics program, and several small islands offer the perfect camping spot accessible by canoe.

The lake also offers a world-class fishing experience. Scouts can earn the BSA Complete Angler Recognition, attainable only by earning all three fishing-related merit badges — Fishing, Fly-Fishing, and Fish and Wildlife Management — and completing one fishing-related project.

And Camp Morrison offers “fishing outposts” — three-hour offsite fishing excursions over three separate days. Like “Rock ON!,” it’s not your average summer camp experience.

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