Challenge yourself with a camp-cooking crossword puzzle


1. You cook with this over coals, two words

6. Tasty mixture to dunk into

9. Put __ _ good word for, two words

10. Classic construction toy made of notched wood, two words

11. A campfire dessert

13. Campfire residue

15. St. Paul’s state

16. Put on clothes

18. Fruit drink, for short

20. Veal meat source

21. Latin dish often made at a campfire

22. Smoky Mountains state, abbr.

23. Fine to consume

27. They surround a Dutch oven

30. Steering rope

31. Washing substance

32. Sticks turned over a fire

33. Type of salmon

34. Hush!

35. It may be roja or verde

36. Unit of resistance


1. Flavored cucumbers

2. It’s been superseded by aluminum wrap, two words

3. Sounded off, like an owl

4. Plant bearing grapes

5. Cozy corners

6. Campfire entree selection

7. Accepted

8. Kind of knife used to peel potatoes

12. Butter will ______ when left out

14. Boiling

17. One of the Bobbsey Twins

19. Hot red or green pepper

20. American and cheddar

24. Famous type of stew

25. Wager

26. Scouting chefs write them to prep a meal

27. Campfire drink

28. Symbolically strong tree

29. Rises from boiling water

31. Therefore

33. Sun, in Spanish






















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