Test yourself with a camping gear-themed crossword puzzle


1. It’s comfortable to sit on, two words

6. Sweater, for example

8. It’s a good listener

9. Worn on your arms and torso

10. Where a trail finishes

12. Rainbow shape

13. Campfire residue

14. Roman numeral for six

15. Start of a speech

17. It holds up pants

18. State in which Acadia National Park is located, abbr.

19. Shape of a double bend in a river, spelled how it’s said

21. Scarves, etc.

24. Portable shelter

25. Time of arrival, for short

26. Position locator, abbr.

28. The meaning of the word “credo”

29. To pull a car that’s inoperable

31. Material used for the BSA’s Ladies Legion Cap

35. Used to propel a canoe on a river

38. It’s always fresh in the mountains

39. Take part in a play

40. Trousers

41. One of a pair needed for ice fun


1. Found on a couch

2. Damp

3. Rollaway bed

4. Protects your chopping tool, two words

5. Color in the U.S. flag

6. Enables more comfortable sitting on the go, two words

7. Get ready for a trip

11. State in which White Mountain National Forest is located, abbr.

14. Clothing item worn over a shirt

16. It’s used to clear areas of leaves

17. Exist

18. Swimming competition

20. Stash away

22. Mind-reader’s gift

23. Kind of weather in which you need water protection

26. Small lizard

27. Handle of most bags

30. One of a pair that keeps the feet warm

32. Day, in Spanish

33. Ode subject

34. Expressions of surprise

36. __ _ moment’s notice, two words

37. Peek at

39. High exam scores





















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