Smartphone apps to improve your digital storytelling


If you’re creating stories with your smartphone, consider the following apps to improve your recording abilities. All iOS apps are available at Android apps are available at

Adobe Voice: Create pages including pictures, graphics, text and audio. Viewers can “turn” the pages and watch the slideshow. Free for iPad.

FiLMiC Pro: Features allow full control of your video, including monitoring sound as you film. For iOS devices. $7.99

Instagram: Take a photo or video, and then customize it with filters and creative tools. Post it on Instagram and share instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. Free for iOS or Android.

Fotobabble: Create “talking photos” by capturing a single photo story and adding an audible caption. Free for iOS devices.

ProCamera: One of many apps (but our favorite) that allow you to set the focus and exposure separately with your fingers. For iOS devices. $3.99

Rode Rec: Works with an external Rode mic to adjust input levels, and lets you wire people up and collect audio in all kinds of environments. For iOS devices. $5.99

Steller: Build as many pictures as you want in sequence, along with video and overlays. Add a title and then share. Free for iOS devices.

Videolicious: A great way to make a one-minute video and edit it using cutaways. Currently available only for iOS, but an Android version is in the works. Free.

Share your favorite photo or video apps in the comments below.

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