Camp Parsons

Camp Parsons

Camp Parsons, Chief Seattle Council

“Route includes a ferry.” If directions to camp feature that little notice, you’re in for a wet, wild week of fun. That’s certainly true at Camp Parsons, a Pacific Northwest gem tucked in the Hood Canal.

The views alone make the two-hour drive from Seattle seem like a trip around the block. That is, if your block includes the Olympic Peninsula, home to mountains, a dense rainforest, and the westernmost point in the lower 48. Imagine seeing all this from a kayak or canoe as you cruise the glassy salt water at Parsons—truly a surreal experience for Scouts.

But it’s not all peaceful. Not during activities like the “rowboat fill,” where Scouts see how many guys they can fit into a rowboat before it sinks—the record is 28.

There’s also the famous jump from the Parsons Pier, seen below. When the tide’s up (Scouts can’t jump from heights greater than they are tall), a refreshing plunge into the water feels divine. Prefer something a little drier? Try this:

-Ecology-based merit badges taught in a setting you won’t find in a classroom back home.

-Hilarious staff-performed plays based on classic stories. Past shows: Snow White, The Lion King, and Lord of the Rings.

-A 30-foot climbing wall, an archery range, and a rifle range.

-Fun programs for adult leaders, such as a Wiffle Ball golf tournament and a Scoutmaster belly flop competition—which, not surprisingly, is a favorite of the Scouts in the audience.

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Photo by John R. Fulton Jr.

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