Sid Richardson Scout Ranch

Sid Richardson Scout Ranch

Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, Longhorn Council, Bridgeport, Tex.

Twenty-five years after “Top Gun,” today’s Scouts still feel the need for speed. Fortunately, there’s Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, which boasts enough F-16 flight simulator cockpits—16 of them, in fact—to accommodate every Maverick, Goose, and Iceman in your troop. The ranch, located about an hour northwest of Fort Worth, gives Scouts the chance to earn the Aviation merit badge with some of the same tools found in military simulators. But that’s just the beginning. Visiting Scouts can also try:

– Exciting water activities such as pontoon boats, sailboats, and a fully operational Viking ship.

– Area 51, where participants track incoming UFOs, locate alien landing sites, and try to repel invading extraterrestrials.

– Texas Ranger living history and battle reenactments, which teleport Scouts back in time.

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(Photo by Dan Bryant; Inset courtesy of Jeff Peters)


  1. Hello, im am going to the fight camp, but I need to know how much money I need to pay yet. I dont know if yall can tell me that, but if yall could that would be great!
    Cade Blezinger

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