Test your BSA high-adventure base knowledge with this crossword





1. Important location for Scouts in Mount Hope, W.Va., The ______
5. High-adventure bases in Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of Minnesota and other locations (goes with 7 down)
10. Reef in the Florida Keys
12. Washington’s state fruit
13. Tallest mountain in the world
14. Myanmar, formerly
16. Sky color
18. Sandy feature in a desert or on a seashore
20. Sharp rock projection
22. Antarctic explorer Sir James
24. State known for its forests, rocky shores and lobsters, abbr.
26. Large, shady tree
28. Oconee, Sinclair and Tugalo are lakes in this state
29. Ascend a mountain
31. State where the Everglades are located
33. Hiking paths
35. His in Spanish
36. Erie and Michigan
39. Moache ___ Indians
40. Craggy hill
41. Oklahoma county that was featured in a 2013 film
45. Kind of hat or a canal
47. It circles the Earth
49. Main is a common one, abbr.
50. Two- (prefix)
52. Medicine ___, Alberta
53. The BSA’s largest high-adventure base
56. Long journeys
57. Peruvian peaks
59. The states form one
60. It’s green and tender
61. Like most beaches


1. BSA’s aquatic high-adventure program
2. Directional aid
3. Large mass in the sea
4. Professor’s helper, for short
6. Indian, for one
7. Goes with No. 5 across
8. Point you can find on a compass
9. Untainted, environmentally
11. Nautical spars
15. Oman’s capital
17. German city on the Danube
19. Renowned Austrian alpine climber, ____ Zsigmondy
21. State where the Allegheny Mountains are located
23. Muesli tidbit
25. River forming part of the Germany-Netherlands boundary
27. British meadow
30. I cannot tell a ___
31. Jacket lining, sometimes
32. Large plateau
34. Regret
35. One of the hemispheres
36. Wash against the shore
37. Raft used by a Norwegian explorer in a transoceanic trip to the Polynesian Islands; also a 2012 film
38. Texas patriot Houston
42. Libreville is its capital
43. Isolated hills
44. Green, like many hills
46. Tree with a winged seed
47. Canadian saying for “What?”
48. Beta testing, e.g., for short
51. ____nesian
53. Pyrenees commune
54. Word with “overboard”
55. Circle ___ Council
58. Fla. is in the __ of the U.S. (direction)

















  1. If 49 across is supposed to mean that “Main” is a common state, I would point out that the state name is spelled “Maine”, which is why the answer to 24 across is “ME”.

    I would also like to ask what makes one state more “common” than another? Common to whom? Here in the southwest United States, Maine is not very common at all, believe it or not.

    Therefore, considering the strangeness of the question, and the misspelling of the state’s name, the question for 49 across is misleading. That’s all.

    Oh, and why is “ONE” green and tender? A numeral is a numeral. They don’t have colors and firmness.

  2. “ST”, the answer for 49 across, stands for “street” (Main Street, a very common street name), not “state.”
    It seems that 8 down could also be “ESE.”

    • I’m looking at a couple right now and they’re white. Same as they’ve always been. However, the reverse side has a lot of green ink on it.

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