Scouter-approved outdoor gear to give this holiday season

This season, treat your favorite Scout or Scouter with a gift to serve them in the outdoors all year long.

Check out three new-to-market items available in early 2015.

Big Agnes mtnGLO tents (Pricing to be announced): This line of tents ranging from an ultralight option to a basecamp model features integrated LED lighting in the tent powered by a small rechargeable device. No more digging around in your tent in the dark because you can’t find your flashlight.

Kelty Capture Pack ‘Action Pocket’ (starting at $70): Forget about growing a third arm to help you record awesome footage of your mountain-biking adventures. This pack features a special pocket for your phone located front and center.

Sea to Summit X-Pot ($30-$50): This collapsible silicone bowl has an aluminum base so you can use it to cook directly on a heat source. Available in various sizes, and each pot comes with a clear lid and built-in strainer.



  1. Have you actually watched the video on the “Gotenna” site under the category for tech-savvy scouter? I would suggest you do and see what surprises are in store as alcohol and drug use are condoned in the video.

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