For the Tech-Savvy Scouter

Stay connected to your group — even without cell service — thanks to GoTenna, a small device that attaches to your pack, syncs with an app on your cellphone and lets you communicate with other off-grid GoTenna users near you. If someone gets lost, use the device (paired with the GoTenna app) to send a location pin. It’s similar to a walkie-talkie, but uses texts, has delivery confirmation and automatic retry, and integrates with your always-present cellphone. $150 for two devices,


  1. Did BSA bother to watch the video on this site? They have alcohol and drug use in their promo video!!! Really, BSA? Are you THAT busy you cannot check something out fully before recommending it?

  2. Did you guys not notice that the video for this product promotes drug and alcohol???!!! Expect better from BSA. Instead of deleting comments about your mistake you should delete this link.

  3. Yes, the video on the manufacturer’s site does not reflect on scouting approved activities. But the real question is this…does it take away from the usefulness of the product in scouting? No, it doesn’t the GoTenna is still a great addition to gear, regardless of the manufacturer’s video.

  4. On Boy Scout outings the boys are to practice the two person integrity system of scouting.
    why is this encouraging the boys to bring their electronic devices? They go to camp to do activities and earn badges instead of hiding to play video games.
    our boys bring them only to the front gate after that the devise must be turned off and left in the leaders vehicle or left at home.

  5. When I first read the comments, I thought people were being a bit over sensitive to the smoking and drinking aspect of the promotional video… and then I watched it. I have to admit that the video is not scout friendly and I wouldn’t want any of our boys to watch it.
    Nonetheless, I can understand the usefulness of this product. We don’t allow video games and texting (all of us need to detox from electronics)… but the reality is that there indeed exists a valid use for these types of devices and we need to be able to teach our boys the proper use for them.

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