Help Venturers discover faith while earning the TRUST Award

Venturing offers three expert awards: Ranger for outdoor skills, Quest for sports and TRUST for religious and community life. Here’s an introduction to the TRUST Award. Venturing Trust Award FAQs

WHY HAVE A TRUST AWARD? Duty to God is embedded in all levels of the Scouting program. Moreover, most Venturing crews are chartered to religious institutions, so religious exploration is a natural part of their Venturing experience. (All Venturers, regardless of their chartered organization, are eligible to earn the award.)

PURPOSE: It helps Venturers learn about faith and culture. It promotes understanding and tolerance. It teaches Venturers how to resolve conflict. It helps Venturers understand religion and culture across the globe and within the context of Scouting. It develops trained Venturers who can become a resource for packs, troops, schools and the community. And it provides Venturers a variety of practical, hands-on experiences while having fun.

TRUST STANDS FOR: Tending your faith, Respecting the beliefs of others, Understanding other cultures, Serving your community and Transforming our society. The concept of trust is integral to the award.  Today young people live in an increasingly pluralistic society made up of multiple nationalities, cultures and religions. One way to work toward a positive future is to learn to get along and work together.

REQUIREMENTS: Each of the five sections include two to four core requirements; all but the first section also include four or five electives, one of which must be completed for each section. In the Respecting section, for example, a Venturer must talk with an expert about freedom of religion and research religious groups in his or her community (core requirements) and do an elective like attending a religious service of a faith group other than his or her own.

HOW DOES THE TRUST AWARD RELATE TO THE RELIGIOUS EMBLEMS PROGRAM? As part of the Tending requirements, a Venturer must earn the religious emblem for his or her faith. (If such an emblem doesn’t exist, he or she must complete a similar program of religious discovery.)

WHO COUNSELS THE AWARD? Venturers work with a religious leader or with consultants in a related field.


REQUIRED TIME TO COMPLETE: It depends, but several requirements involve work over a six-month period.

RECOGNITION ITEMS: A medal (No. 14268) featuring the world enveloped in a pair of silver hands (seen above). The medal is suspended from a ribbon with a solid field of purple. Also available are a certificate (No. 32284) and a pocket card (No. 32285).

HOW WILL THE TRUST AWARD FIT INTO THE NEW VENTURING ADVANCEMENT? The award (along with Ranger and Quest) will still be available under the new Venturing model, which will roll out in May 2014. Requirements will change because one prerequisite, the Religious and Community Life Bronze Award, will be discontinued.

FIND MORE INFO in the TRUST Award Handbook (No. 33154) and at

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  1. Just came across this. As the only Scout in our District and the only Scout I know that has this award, I would highly encourage other Ventureers and Scouts to strive to achieve this award. It definitely is a conversation starter, if nothing else!

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