Councils offering All-Terrain Vehicle program

Dirt and horsepower — what’s not to love? Scouts and Venturers can learn how to safely drive an all-terrain vehicle at one of the council-level ATV programs hosted at qualifying camps. (The programs are not approved for unit use.)

Similar to the personal watercraft programs, the aim of the ATV activities is safety, and teaching Scouts basic operation of the vehicle while respecting the environment.

Scouts or Venturers must be age 14 or older to drive an ATV, and the program requires youth to wear long pants, long-sleeve shirts and over-the-ankle boots.

To locate an ATV program near you, see below.

The following list includes councils offering the All-Terrain Vehicle program in 2014. To find a BSA council near you, click here. Then, check out the council website to find specific information regarding the individual council’s ATV programs.

Andrew Jackson

Anthony Wayne

Baltimore Area

Bay Lakes

Blackhawk Area

Blue Ridge Mountains

Bucks County


Buffalo Trail

Capitol Area

Central Florida

Central North Carolina

Connecticut Rivers

Coronado Area

Daniel Webster


Erie Shores

Flint River

Garden State

Glacier’s Edge

Golden Empire

Greater Cleveland

Greater New York

Gulf Coast

Heart of America

Hudson Valley

Inland Northwest

Las Vegas Area

Lewis & Clark

Lincoln Heritage


Louisiana Purchase

Mecklenburg County

Miami Valley

Michigan Crossroads

Mid America

Mississippi Valley


National Capital Area

New Birth of Freedom

Northern Lights

Northern Star


Ozark Trails

Pacific Skyline

Patriots Path

Pikes Peak



Rip Van Winkle



San Diego Imperial

Santa Fe Trail

Theodore Roosevelt

Western Colorado

Western Massachusetts


  1. I was wondering just how much actual fun is actually allowed. I can imagine that the risk management people have taken all the fun out of it. put-putting in a single file line isn’t fun.

  2. Is there a merit badge or award that is earned when this course is completed? I’m one of the advancement coordinators for our troop and can’t find anything on this. Please let me know. Thank you,

  3. This info is from 2012. That seems dated when the age requirements have lowered for other activities and high adventure (to incluse 13 and finished the 8th grade). Is 14 still accurate?

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