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How your Venturers can earn the Ranger Award

Nothing attracts young people to Venturing as much as the outdoors and high adventure, and nothing demonstrates a Venturer’s outdoor expertise as much as the Ranger Award. Venturers who earn this challenging award spend a year or more learning, practicing, and teaching skills in different areas.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE RANGER AWARD? The award encourages Venturers to learn outdoor skills, to provide a path for outdoor/high-adventure skills training, and to establish Venturers as a leadership resource for their crews as well as for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and the community.

WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE AWARD? A Venturer must complete eight core requirements: First Aid, Wilderness Survival, Emergency Preparedness, Communications, Leave No Trace, Cooking, Land Navigation, and Conservation. He or she must also complete four of these 18 electives: Backpacking, Cave Exploring, Cycling/Mountain Biking, Ecology, Equestrian, First Aid, Fishing, Hunting, Lifesaver, Mountaineering, Outdoor Living History, Physical Fitness, Plants and Wildlife, Project COPE, Scuba, Shooting Sports, Watercraft, and Winter Sports.


WHERE CAN I FIND COMPLETE REQUIREMENTS? See the Venturer/Ranger Handbook (No. 33494).

HOW DOES THE RANGER AWARD DIFFER FROM THE OUTDOOR BRONZE AWARD? For the Outdoor Bronze Award, a Venturer must complete four core requirements and two electives. By earning that award, he or she is halfway to the Ranger Award.

CAN WORK DONE PRIOR TO VENTURING COUNT TOWARD THE RANGER AWARD? Yes, but only in the case of certifications (BSA Lifeguard, for example) that are still valid.

CAN VENTURERS WORK TOGETHER ON REQUIREMENTS? Yes, they may work on their own, with other Venturers, or as a crew.

HOW DO WE OVERCOME A LACK OF EXPERTISE ON CERTAIN TOPICS? Venturers can work with outside consultants to complete these requirements. The Advisor must approve the consultants.
SOME OF THE CORE AND ELECTIVE REQUIREMENTS SEEM TO OVERLAP. CAN VENTURERS GET DOUBLE CREDIT? Yes. The only exception is the tabletop display or presentation. See the Venturer/Ranger Handbook for details.

WHAT RECOGNITION ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE? The Ranger Award (available at your Scout Shop) is a sterling-silver medal featuring a powder horn superimposed over a compass dial. Also available are a campaign-style ribbon bar, a certificate (No. 33663), and a pocket certificate (No. 33646). Scouting historians may recognize that the award is similar in design (and requirements) to the Ranger program of the 1940s.