Advancement FAQ's: Making the Distinctions

How the Venturing awards program works.

The awards available to Venturers often bewilder Scouters who are accustomed to the Cub Scout and Boy Scout advancement programs. Why? Partly because Venturing is relatively new — it began in 1998 — and partly because the program offers different options in its five areas of emphasis: outdoors, sports, arts and hobbies, religious life, and math and science — a new award.

What is the progression of awards in Venturing? Venturers can work on three major awards: Bronze, Gold, and Silver (the highest award).

What are the requirements for the Bronze Award? The requirements differ for each area of emphasis.
can Venturers earn more than one bronze award? Yes. They can earn all five Bronze Awards, including those outside their crew’s area of emphasis.

What are the requirements for the Gold Award? In addition to earning at least one Bronze, a candidate must remain active for 12 months, serve in a leadership role, participate in a Venturing event beyond the crew, set and accomplish a personal goal in each of six designated areas, plan and lead two crew activities, and give an oral presentation to a review committee.

What are the requirements for the Silver Award? In addition to earning the Gold, a candidate must demonstrate proficiency in emergency preparedness, participate in Ethics in Action, serve in a leadership position, complete a crew review, and finish the Venturing Leadership Skills course.

Where does the Ranger Award fit in the advancement program? This award recognizes a high level of proficiency in outdoor skills. To earn it, a Venturer must complete eight core requirements and at least four of 18 electives.

What about the Quest and TRUST Awards? Much like the Ranger Award, these honors recognize additional achievement in specific areas of emphasis—fitness and athletics for the Quest Award and religious life for the TRUST Award. (The acronym TRUST represents five groups of requirements:tending your faith, respecting the beliefs of others, understanding other cultures, serving your community, and transforming our society.)

What recognition items come with each award? For the Bronze Award, Venturers receive a colorful, campaign-style ribbon or a medal. Different versions represent each area of interest, and an icon shows the area in which the award was earned.

Can Boy Scouts in a Venture patrol work toward Venturing awards? No. Only registered Venturers may work on Venturing awards. A Venture patrol is simply an older boy patrol within the troop.

Where can I learn more about Venturing awards? Most requirements are available online

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