How to get the most from junior assistant Scoutmasters

When Scouter J.H. asked how to best use a troops 16- and 17-year-old leaders, readers cited many ways JASMs can contribute, while in the process gaining experience for a future role as an adult Scout leader.

Leader Advice and Inspiration

A convincing case for boy-run troops

When Scout M.S. noted in our September issue that adults in his troop won’t let junior leaders make decisions, readers responded with some strategies for realizing the important goal of boy-led troop leadership.


Raising enthusiasm and attendance at Patrol Leaders' Council meetings

In our May-June issue, Scouter W.F. wrote that in all the troops he’s been associated with, enthusiasm and attendance at patrol leaders’ council meetings were poor. Realizing teen-agers lead busy lives, W.F. asked how we can ensure they participate in troop program planning.