Life Skills

Mixed Messages

From video games to the Internet to TV, a deluge of messages bombards kids each day. That makes the task of teaching them media literacy even more important.

Life Skills

Shut Down the Parental ATM

Kiplinger’s Janet Bodnar dispenses some free advice on how to teach your kids the value of a dollar and how they can budget their cash.

Life Skills

Guys Read Guy Books

What’s the secret to boys and reading? Give them books about things they like: adventure, biography, science fiction, sports, and yes, even gross humor.

Life Skills

Does Your Child Need a Cell Phone?

Cell phones are communication tools, not toys. Can children who crave them understand the difference and treat them appropriately?

Character Building

Parenting Solutions: Manners Do Matter

Teaching children to be polite can be a challenge in a world where common courtesy is less and less common, but you can be successful by working at it a little at a time.


What to do when older Scouts just want to hang out

Scouter S.C.’s troop tries to keep older Scouts busy teaching skills to younger boys, but a few just want to hang out with their friends. He’s looking for suggestions to keep these older Scouts engaged in the troop program.

Character Building

Behind the Mask of Teenage Anger

It takes patience and determination to help a troubled teen identify and manage his feelings of anger. But a willingness to care and listen may be enough to save a young man’s future.