Cub Scouting

Graduating Tiger Cubs into Cub Scouting

Committee Chairman E.R. is concerned that many of his pack’s Tiger Cubs and parents drop out of Cub Scouting. How, he asks, can leaders inspire the boys and parents to stay in Cub Scouting?

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Cub Scout Activities

Ideas for Cub Scout blue and gold banquets

In our May-June issue, D.P. asked for innovative ideas for a Cub Scout pack’s blue and gold banquet. Readers offered an assortment of ideas on location for the banquet, methods of serving, and ceremonies.

Cub Scouting

How to energize Tiger Cub dens

Assistant Den Leader D.K.B. reports that the Tiger Cub den in her pack meets only sporadically. Tiger Cubs and their partners rarely attend pack meetings. How, she asked, can the den be energized so that it will become an active Wolf den?

Uniforms & Insignia

What to do when a Scout has a patch sewn on wrong

It’s hard to make sure patches and other insignia are placed correctly. J.S.D.’s troop has tried uniform inspections, but parents are reluctant to resew wrongly placed badges. What can be done?