Backpacking Meals

Fuel Up: Energizer Yummy

These five snacks fit the bill when your body needs recharging to keep going and going.

Campground Cooking

Now You're Cooking!

Scouting magazine presents the prize-winning recipes for entrées, side dishes, and desserts in our Great Tastes in Camp Cooking Contest.


Easy Eats: Chili Tonight!

Spice up your family’s dinnertime with a delicious Southwestern delight. Stir it up firehouse hot or kid-friendly mild with meat, chicken, or turkey.


Easy Eats: Fire it Up

Quick, nutritious meals cooked on the grill give busy families the luxury of eating together at dinnertime.


Advice on safe food storage while camping

Scouter B.W.M. is concerned that his Scouts are careless in the way they handle food. He asked how to teach safe food-handling and dishwashing procedures.

Campground Cooking

Winning Recipes for Campfire Cuisine

We pick the top entrées, side dishes, and desserts from nearly 350 reader entries in Scouting magazine’s “Camp Food Favorites” recipe contest.