Below you’ll find a complete list of the recipients of the Silver Buffalo Award, the BSA’s highest award for adult volunteers.

Created in 1925, the Silver Buffalo Award for distinguished service to youth is awarded to those persons who give noteworthy and extraordinary service to youth. This award is Scouting’s highest commendation of the invaluable contributions that outstanding Americans make to youth. The service must be national in scope and can be independent of, or directly through, the Boy Scouts of America.


Sir Robert S. S. Baden-Powell
Gilwell Park, England
Chief Scout of the World

The Unknown Scout
Boy Scout

William D. Boyce
Chicago, Illinois
Publisher; Incorporator of Boy Scouts of America

Colin H. Livingstone
Washington, D.C.

James J. Storrow (Posthumous Award)
Boston, Massachusetts
Banker; President, Boy Scouts of America

Daniel Carter Beard
Suffern, New York
National Scout Commissioner

Ernest Thompson Seton
New York, New York
Chief Scout

Edgar M. Robinson
Washington, D.C.
Co-organizer of the Boy Scouts of America

Lee F. Hanmer
New York, New York
Co-organizer of the Boy Scouts of America

George W. Wingate
New York, New York
Advocate of Organized Outdoor Recreation

Joseph Lee
Boston, Massachusetts
Advocate of Playground and Outdoor Recreation

Howard S. Braucher
New York, New York
Chairman, Committee on Organization, Boy Scouts of America

Mortimer L. Schiff
New York, New York
Philanthropist; President, Boy Scouts of America

Milton A. McRae
Detroit, Michigan
Publisher; President, Boy Scouts of America

Frank Presbrey
New York, New York
Advertising Man; Developer of Boys’ Life Magazine

George D. Pratt
New York, New York
Treasurer, Boy Scouts of America

John Sherman Hoyt
Darien, Connecticut
Manufacturer; Chairman, Finance Committee, Boy Scouts of America

Jeremiah W. Jenks
New York, New York
Educator; Formulator of Scout Oath and Law

William D. Murray
Plainfield, New Jersey
Lawyer; Chairman, Editorial Board, Boy Scouts of America

G. Barrett Rich
New York, New York
Chairman, National Committee of Badges, Awards, and Scout Requirements

James E. West
Lawyer; Chief Scout Executive

George J. Fisher
New York, New York
Physician; Deputy Chief Scout Executive


William Howard Taft
Washington, D.C.
Chief Justice of the United States; First Honorary President, Boy Scouts of America

Hubert S. Martin, CBE
London, England
Director, Boy Scouts International Bureau

William Adams Welch
Washington, D.C.
National and State Parks Commissioner

Stuart W. French
Pasadena, California
Business Executive; Organizer of Region 12

Bolton Smith
Memphis, Tennessee
Banker; Promoter of Interracial Understanding

Walter W. Head
Omaha, Nebraska
Banker; President, Boy Scouts of America

Brother Barnabas, FSC
New York, New York
Educator; Director, Catholic Bureau, Boy Scouts of America


The Unknown Soldier

Charles A. Lindbergh
Hopewell, New Jersey
Aviator; Transatlantic Pioneer

W. de Bonstetten
Kandersteg, Switzerland
President, Swiss Federation of Boy Scouts

Arthur N. Cotton
Buffalo, New York
Promoter of High-Y Clubs

Clarence H. Howard
St. Louis, Missouri
Philanthropist; Founder of Junior Chamber of Commerce

Charles D. Velie
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Philanthropist; Promoter of Scouting for Rural Boys

William H. Cowles
Spokane, Washington
Publisher; First Chairman, Region 11 Committee


Calvin Coolidge
Plymouth, Vermont
Thirtieth President, United States of America

Richard E. Byrd
Winchester, Virginia
Commander, U.S. Navy; Antarctic Explorer

Wilbert E. Longfellow
Washington, D.C.
Water-Safety Promoter, American Red Cross

John H. Finley
New York, New York
Educator; Founder of Junior American Red Cross

Howard F. Gillette
Chicago, Illinois
Banker; Promoter of Sea Scouting

Charles D. Hart
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Physician; Promoter of Troop Camping

H.R.H. The Prince of Wales
Scouting Enthusiast


Herbert Clark Hoover
West Branch, Iowa
Thirty-first President, United States of America

James Earl Russell
New York, New York
Educator; Scouter

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Hyde Park, New York
Governor, State of New York; Advocate of Scouting

James Austin Wilder
New York, New York
Developed and Organized the Sea Scouts Program

Charles L. Sommers
St. Paul, Minnesota
Business Executive; Chairman, Region 10

Charles C. Moore
San Francisco, California
Engineer; Scouter

Lewis Warrington Baldwin
St. Louis, Missouri
Railroad President; Regional Chairman


Lord Hampton, DSO
London, England
Distinguished British Scouter

Griffith Ogden Ellis
Detroit, Michigan
Editor and Publisher, American Boy Magazine

Lewis Gawtry
New York, New York
Banker; Philanthropist

George Welch Olmsted
Warren, Pennsylvania
Utilities Executive; World Scouter

Victor F. Ridder
New York, New York
Newspaper Publisher; Catholic Scouter

Robert P. Sniffen
Yonkers, New York
Merchandising Consultant; Chairman, Committee on Supply Service

Mell R. Wilkinson
Atlanta, Georgia
Manufacturer; National Executive Board Member


Dwight Filley Davis
St. Louis, Missouri
Public Servant; Advocate of Athletics

William Edwin Hall
Greenwich, Connecticut
Lawyer; President, Boys’ Clubs of America

Alfred W. Dater
Stamford, Connecticut
Utilities Executive; First Chairman, Sea Scout Committee

Barron Collier
New York, New York
Philanthropist; Promoter of Scouting

Frank A. Bean
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Business Executive; Advocate of Rural Scouting

Hermann W. Merkel
New York, New York
Creative Administrator of Parks and Camps


Vincent Massey
Toronto, Canada
Canadian Diplomat; Philanthropist

Martin H. Carmody
New York, New York
Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus

John P. Wallace
Des Moines, Iowa
Publisher; Advocate of Rural Scouting

Cyrus Adler
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Educator; Chairman, Jewish Committee on Scouting

Reginald H. Parsons
Seattle, Washington
Developer of Scouting in Pacific Northwest

John A. McGregor
San Francisco, California
Region 11 Scouter; Friend to Youth


Newton D. Baker
Cleveland, Ohio
Statesman; Humanitarian

Paul Percy Harris
Chicago, Illinois
Lawyer; Founder of Rotary Club Movement

John M. Phillips
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Conservationist; Recipient of Silver Wolf

Theodore Roosevelt Jr.
Oyster Bay, New York
Public Servant; Explorer

Charles E. Cotting
Boston, Massachusetts
Philanthropist; Promoter of New England Scouting

Frederic Kernochan
New York, New York
Jurist; Pioneer Scouter; Urban League Executive

George Albert Smith
Salt Lake City, Utah
Business Executive; Religious Leader; Scouter


Booth Tarkington
Indianapolis, Indiana
Pulitzer Prize Author; Immortalizer of Youth

Amos Alonzo Stagg
Stockton, California
Educator; Dean of American Coaches

Daniel A. Tobin
New York, New York
Banker; Scouter; Cofounder, Columbian Squires

Fielding Harris Yost
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Scout Commissioner; Exponent of Clean Sports

Calvin Derrick
Jamesburg, New Jersey
Educator; Penologist; Innovator

R. Tait McKenzie
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Educator; Sculptor of Boy Scout Statue


Frederick Russell Burnham
Three Rivers, California
American-British Adventurer

Hugh S. Cumming
Washington, D.C.
United States Surgeon General

Lawrence Locke Doggett
Springfield, Massachusetts
Educator; Pioneer for Training for Boys’ Work

Charles Horace Mayo
Rochester, Minnesota
Surgeon; Health Authority; Pioneer Scouter

George Edgar Vincent
Greenwich, Connecticut
Educator; Adviser to Scouting for Health and Safety

John Skinner Wilson
Gilwell Park, England
Gilwell Camp Chief; World Scouter


None awarded


Thomas E. Wilson
Chicago, Illinois
Promoter for Rural Youth and 4-H Clubs

William T. Hornaday
Stamford, Connecticut
Zoologist and Conservationist; Pioneer; Scouter

George A. Allen
Washington, D.C.
Presidential Representative for First National Jamboree

Frank Cody
Detroit, Michigan
Educator; Innovator With Schools and Scouting

Frank G. Hoover
Canton, Ohio
Longtime Scouter; Friend to Youth

Cornelius McGillicuddy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“Connie Mack”—Advocate of Good Sportsmanship

C. B. Smith
Washington, D.C.
Public Servant; Physician; Worker for Rural Scouting

John A. Stiles
Ottawa, Canada
Canadian Scouting Official; Recipient of Silver Wolf


William Chalmers Covert
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Clergyman; Scouter

Marshall Field
New York, New York
Business Executive; Philanthropist; Scouter

Elbert K. Fretwell
New York, New York
Educator; Scouter; Training Innovator

Heber J. Grant
Salt Lake City, Utah
Industrialist; Mormon Church Official

Francis C. Kelley
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Bishop of Oklahoma City and Tulsa; Scouter

John R. Mott
New York, New York
Missionary; Statesman; World Youth Leader

Norman Rockwell
Arlington, Vermont
Artist; Prime Creator of Scouting’s Image


Edward Roberts Moore
New York, New York
Catholic Clergyman; Youth Worker, Scouter

George W. Truett
Dallas, Texas
Clergyman; World Youth Leader; Scouter

Eugene D. Nims
St. Louis, Missouri
Philanthropist; Longtime Scouter


C. Ward Crampton
New York, New York
Scientist; Author; Physical Fitness Advocate

Homer Folks
New York, New York
Social Welfare Statesman

Edgar Rickard
Darien, Connecticut
Mining Engineer; Humanitarian; Friend to Scouting

J. E. H. Stevenot
Manila, Philippines
Creator of Modern Philippine Scout Organization

Daniel A. Poling
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Clergyman; Editor; Scouter


Frank O. Lowden
Oregon, Illinois
Farmer; Lawyer; Statesman; Philanthropist; Scouter

Ragnvald Anderson Nestos
Minot, North Dakota
Lawyer; Statesman; Churchman; Pioneer in Rural Scouting

Frank Phillips
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Banker; Philanthropist; Enthusiast for Scouting

Bernard J. Sheil
Chicago, Illinois
Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago; Founder of CYO; Scouter

William Clay Smoot
Bartlesville, Oklahoma Banker; Outdoorsman; Worker for Rural Youth


J. Edgar Hoover
Washington, D.C.
Lawyer; Criminologist; Director of the FBI

Harry C. Knight
New Haven, Connecticut
Business Executive; Philanthropist; Scouter

John M. Schiff
New York, New York
Banker; President, Boy Scouts of America

William L. Smith
Louisville, Kentucky
Surgeon; Public Servant; Author; Scouter

Frank W. Wozencraft
Dallas, Texas
Businessman; Lawyer; Statesman; Scouter


Oscar H. Benson
Seven Stars, Pennsylvania
Educator; Founder of the 4-H Clubs

Charles Evans Hughes
Glens Falls, New York
Jurist; Statesman; Diplomat; Champion of Youth

Elbridge W. Palmer
Kingsport, Tennessee
Publisher; Advocate for Youth With Special Needs, Racial Harmony, and Scouting

William C. Menninger
Topeka, Kansas
Neuropsychiatrist; Enthusiastic Scouter

Philip L. Reed
Chicago, Illinois
Business Executive; Scouter; Member, Advisory Council

Edward Vernon Rickenbacker
New York, New York
Aviation Pioneer; Executive; Wartime Ace of Aces; Scouter

Lord Somers
London, England
Chief Scout of the British Commonwealth and Empire

Thomas J. Watson
New York, New York
Business Executive; Philanthropist


Francis W. Hatch
Boston, Massachusetts
Publicist; Scouter; Chairman, Boys’ Life Committee

Amory Houghton
Corning, New York
Manufacturer; Vice President, Boy Scouts of America

Paul W. Litchfeld
Akron, Ohio
Industrialist; Developed First Air Scout Squadron

Earl C. Sams
New York, New York
Merchant; Philanthropist; Chairman, Business Division Committee


John M. Bierer
Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts
Business Executive; Longtime Scouter

William J. Campbell
Chicago, Illinois
Jurist; Promoter of Scouting for Catholic Boys

Walter E. Disney
Beverly Hills, California
Cinema Executive; Creator of Mickey Mouse

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Denison, Texas
General of the Army; Supreme Commander of Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe

Raymond F. Low
Omaha, Nebraska
Business Executive; Scouter; Sea Scouting Enthusiast

Wheeler McMillen
Trenton, New Jersey
Journalist; Editor; Advocate for Rural Scouting

Chester William Nimitz
Fredericksburg, Texas
Chief of Naval Operations; U.S. Signator to Japanese Surrender Treaty

Vilhjalmur Stefansson
New York, New York
Arctic Explorer; Author; Scouter

Frank L. Weil
New York, New York
Lawyer; Scouter; Cofounder, United Service Organizations


Bernard M. Baruch
Camden, South Carolina
Economist; Philanthropist; Patriot

Manuel Camus
Manila, Philippines
Statesman; Jurist; President, Boy Scouts of the Philippines

Cleveland E. Dodge
New York, New York
Financier; Philanthropist; Chairman, International Board of the YMCA

Perrin C. Galpin
New York, New York
Educator; Scouter; Child-Health Advocate

William H. Pouch
New York, New York
Industrialist; Longtime Scouter; Civic Leader

Paul A. Siple
Arlington, Virginia
Geographer; Explorer; Author; Member, First Byrd Antarctic Expedition

Francis Cardinal Spellman
New York, New York
Archbishop of New York; Author; Patriot

R. Douglas Stuart
Chicago, Illinois
Manufacturer; Pioneer Scouter; Friend to Youth


Irving Berlin
New York, New York
Composer of “God Bless America”

Belmore Browne
Ross, California
Artist; Explorer; Cold-Weather Camping Expert

Cherry Logan Emerson
Atlanta, Georgia
Engineer; Educator; Servant of Youth

Reuhen Brooks Hale
San Francisco, California
Merchant; Civic Leader; Advocate of Senior Scouting

Robert F. Payne
New York, New York
Educator; Author; Longtime Scouter

Lord Rowallan
Ayrshire, Scotland
Chief Scout of British Commonwealth and Empire

Wade Warren Thayer
Honolulu, Hawaii
Attorney; Author; Exponent of Hawaiian Scouting


David W. Armstrong
New York, New York
Executive Director, Boys Clubs of America

Sheldon Clark
Chicago, Illinois
Business Executive; National Sea Scout Commodore

Richard J. Cushing
Boston, Massachusetts
Archbishop of Boston; Lecturer; Author; Civic Leader; Head of All Youth Work of Catholic Church in USA

W. V. M. Fawcett
Boston, Massachusetts
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Scouter

Charles R. Hook
Middletown, Ohio
Industrialist; Advocate of Junior Achievement; Scouter

Luther A. Weigle
New Haven, Connecticut
Educator; Dean; Bible Scholar; Pioneer Scouter


Harry Messiter Addinsell
New York, New York
Financier; Churchman; Treasurer, Boy Scouts of America

Kenneth K. Bechtel
San Francisco, California
Business Executive; Vice-President, Boy Scouts of America

Charles Franklin Kettering
Dayton, Ohio
Engineer; Manufacturer; Philanthropist; Innovator

Irving Langmuir
Schenectady, New York
Nobel Prize Scientist; Pioneer Scouter

Byrnes MacDonald
New York, New York
Business Executive; Worker for Underprivileged Youth

Owen J. Roberts
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jurist; Public Servant; Longtime Scouter

Arthur A. Schuck
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Chief Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America

Lowell Thomas
Pawling, New York
Explorer; Author; News Commentator; Scouter

Harry S. Truman
Independence, Missouri
Thirty-third President, United States of America

Milburn Lincoln Wilson
Washington, D.C.
National Director, 4-H Clubs; Scouter


Ralph J. Bunche
Jamaica, New York
Educator; Nobel Peace Prize Winner; Scouter

James Lippitt Clark
New York, New York
Explorer; Author; Sculptor; Conservationist; Scouter

Edgar Albert Guest
Detroit, Michigan
Writer; Poet; Boys’ Club Official; Friend to Youth

Raymond W. Miller
Washington, D.C.
Publicist; Scouter; Advocate of Rural Scouting

D. C. Spry
Ottawa, Canada
Chief Executive Commissioner, Canadian General Council of the Boy Scouts Association

James H. Douglas Jr.
Chicago, Illinois
Attorney; Public Servant; Longtime Scouter

Henry Smith Richardson
Greensboro, North Carolina
Manufacturing Chemist; Longtime Scouter

Jack P. Whitaker
Kansas City, Missouri
Manufacturer; Scouter; President, American Humanics Foundation


Julius Ochs Adler
New York, New York
Journalist; Patriot; Veteran Scouter

Roy Chapman Andrews
New York, New York
Explorer; Zoologist; Museum Director; Autho

Frank Learoyd Boyden
Deerfield, Massachusetts
Teacher; Headmaster; Friend to Youth

Harmar D. Denny
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Attorney; Congressman; Longtime Scouter

Gale F. Johnston
St. Louis, Missouri
Banker; Civic Leader; Philanthropist; Scouter

Carlos P. Romulo
Washington, D.C.
Author; Soldier; Diplomat; Cofounder, Boy Scouts of the Philippines

Louis John Taber
Columbus, Ohio
Farmer; Granger; Exponent of Rural Scouting; Scouter


Alton Fletcher Baker
Eugene, Oregon
Journalist; Publisher; Civic Leader; Scouter

Henry B. Grandin
San Marino, California
Business Executive; Scouter; Host to Third National Jamboree

Ross L. Leffler
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

Charles Francis McCahill
Cleveland, Ohio
Newspaper Executive; Philanthropist; Scouter

David O. McKay
Salt Lake City, Utah
President, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


William H. Albers
Cincinnati, Ohio
Business Executive; Philanthropist; Scouter

Ellsworth Hunt Augustus
Cleveland, Ohio
Banker; Civic Leader; Scouter

Ezra Taft Benson
Salt Lake City, Utah
Secretary of Agriculture; Church Leader; Scouter

Philip David Bookstaber
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Rabbi; Scholar; Exponent of Scouting for Jewish Boys

Norton Clapp
Seattle, Washington
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

J. M. T. Finney Jr.
Baltimore, Maryland
Surgeon; Churchman; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

Richard Oliver Gerow
Natchez, Mississippi
Bishop of Natchez, Miss.; Longtime Scouter

Edward Urner Goodman
Bondville, Vermont
Church Executive; Pioneer Scouter; Founder, Order of the Arrow

George Lloyd Murphy
Beverly Hills, California
Producer; Actor; Publicist; Scouter

Nathan Marvin Ohrbach
New York, New York
Business Executive; Philanthropist; Scouter

Dewitt Wallace
Pleasantville, New York
Magazine Founder; Editor; Publisher; Philanthropist


Charles Dana Bennett
Addison, Vermont
Author; Rural Consultant; Publicist; Scouter

Rex Ivan Brown
Jackson, Mississippi
Utility Executive; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

William Durant Campbell
New York, New York
Naturalist; World Traveler; Eagle Scout; Scouter

Francis John Chesterman
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Utilities Executive; Civic Leader; Scouter

Leonard Kimball Firestone
Los Angeles, California
Industrialist; Churchman; Civic Leader; Scouter

Charles William Froessel
Jamaica, New York
Jurist; Churchman; Civic Leader; Scouter

Robert Tyre Jones Jr.
Atlanta, Georgia
Attorney; Business Executive; Sportsman; Champion Athlete

Lewis Edward Phillips
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Manufacturer; Philanthropist; Scouter

Frank Chambless Rand Jr.
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Business Executive; Publisher; Civic Leader; Scouter

Thomas John Watson Jr.
New York, New York
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Philanthropist; Scouter


Ivan Allen Jr.
Atlanta, Georgia
Executive; Banker; Engineer; Civic Leader; Scouter

Gerald F. Beal
New York, New York
Banker; Financier; Cultural and Civic Leader; Scouter

Daniel W. Bell
Washington, D.C.
Banker; Public Servant; Community Leader; Scouter

Hugh Moss Comer
Sylacauga, Alabama
Textile Manufacturer; Philanthropist; Scouter

Walter Francis Dillingham
Honolulu, Hawaii
Executive; Builder; Philanthropist; Statesman; Scouter

Whitney Haskins Eastman
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Business Executive; Engineer; Scientist; Scouter

William Harrison Fetridge
Chicago, Illinois
Editor; Publisher; Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

William Jansen
New York, New York
Educator; Author; Churchman; Administrator; Scouter

Guy Lee Noble
Chicago, Illinois
National 4-H Club Executive; Humanitarian

Harry Lloyd Schaeffer
St. Louis, Missouri
Railroad Executive; Scouter

Henry Frederick Schricker
Knox, Indiana
Statesman; Banker; Editor; Pioneer Scouter

Harold Edward Stassen
St. Paul, Minnesota
Educator; Humanitarian; Statesman; Author; Scouter

Edwin Joel Thomas
Akron, Ohio
Industrialist; Civic Leader; Humanitarian; Scouter


Harold Roe Bartle
Kansas City, Missouri
Attorney; Civic Leader; Humanitarian; Scouter

Brooks Hays
Washington, D.C.
Congressman; Lawyer; Humanitarian; Scouter

Walter David Heller
San Francisco, California
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Philanthropist; Scouter

Henry Cabot Lodge
Beverly, Massachusetts
Journalist; National and International Statesman

Abram Leon Sachar
Waltham, Massachusetts
Educator; Author; Historian; University President

Herman Lee Turner
Atlanta, Georgia
Clergyman; Humanitarian; Civic Leader; Scouter

Kenneth Dale Wells
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Economist; Educator; President, Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge


Robert Bernerd Anderson
Washington, D.C.
Secretary of the Treasury; Lawyer; Educator; Scouter

John Hopkinson Baker
New York, New York
Conservation Executive; Governmental Adviser

Hubert Hardison Coffield
Rockdale, Texas
Industrialist; Rancher; Churchman; Humanitarian; Scouter

Nathan Dauby
Cleveland, Ohio
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Philanthropist; Scouter

Jackson Dodds
Montreal, Canada
Banker; Scouter; Recipient of Silver Wolf and Bronze Wolf

John Randolph Donnell
Findlay, Ohio
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Scouter

Robert Newcomb Gibson
East Lansing, Michigan
Business Executive; Lumberman; Scouter

Frank Brittain Kennedy
Cohasset, Massachusetts
Investment Dealer; Churchman; Executive; Scouter

Edward Leroy Kohnle
Dayton, Ohio
Business Executive; Churchman; Cultural Leader Scouter

Sol George Levy
Seattle, Washington
Import-Export Business Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

John Norton Lord
Detroit, Michigan
Business Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

James Maitland Stewart
Beverly Hills, California
Actor; Combat Aviator; Scouter


Milo William Bekins
Los Angeles, California
Business Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

George Michael Dowd
Franklin, Massachusetts
Clergyman; Domestic Prelate; Youth Leader; Scout Chaplain

Irving J. Feist
Newark, New Jersey
Business Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

Roger Stanley Firestone
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Manufacturing Executive; Humanitarian; Scouter

Bob Hope
Beverly Hills, California
Cinema, Radio, and Television Comedian; Humanitarian

Jeffrey Louis Lazarus
Cincinnati, Ohio
Business Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

Walter Lee Lingle Jr.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Business Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

George Magar Mardikian
San Francisco, California
Restaurateur; Author; Philanthropist; Scouter

Pliny Hunnicut Powers
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Educator; Deputy Chief Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America

Charles Dudley Pratt
Honolulu, Hawaii
Attorney; Civic Leader; Pioneer Scouter

Joseph Frederic Wiese
Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Industrial Executive; Community Leader; Veteran Scouter


Joe C. Carrington
Austin, Texas
Insurance Executive; Rancher; Churchman; Youth Worker; Scouter

Thomas Campbell Clark
Washington, D.C.
Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court; Humanitarian; Veteran Scouter

James Thomas Griffin
Cleveland, Ohio
Business Executive; Humanitarian; Churchman; Scouter

Alfred M. Gruenther
Washington, D.C.
President, American National Red Cross; Supreme Allied Commander in Europe 1953?56; Scouter

Roy Edward Larson
New York, New York
Publishing Executive; Civic Leader; Humanitarian

Robert John Lloyd
Tacoma, Washington
Business Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

Alexander White Moffat
Beverly Farms, Massachusetts
Business Executive; Yachtsman; Author; Scouter

Clifford A. Randall
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Lawyer Executive; Humanitarian; Past President, Rotary International

Norman Salit
Lawrence, New York
Rabbi; Attorney; Humanitarian; Veteran Scouter


Wyeth Allen
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Educator; Community Leader; Longtime Scouter

Carl Otto Janus
Indianapolis, Indiana
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

Richard E. McArdle
Washington, D.C.
Educator; Public Servant; Conservationist; Scouter

Charles B. McCabe Jr.
New York, New York
Publisher; Broadcasting Executive; Veteran Scouter

Lauris Norstad
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SHAPE); Promulgator of Scouting

William T. Spanton
Washington, D.C.
Cofounder, Future Farmers of America; Scouter

Delbert Leon Stapley
Phoenix, Arizona
Business Executive; Church Leader; Veteran Scouter

Charles M. White
Cleveland, Ohio
Industrialist; Civic Leader; Youth Worker; Scouter

Robert E. Wood
Chicago, Illinois
Retired Army General; Business Executive; Philanthropist; Veteran Scouter


Bruce Cooper Clarke
Adams, New York
Commander-in-Chief, United States Army, Europe; Veteran Scouter

Zenon Clayton Raymond Hansen
Lansing, Michigan
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Eagle Scout; Scouter

Carl Hayden
Phoenix, Arizona
Member, United States Senate; Veteran Scouter

Wayne Andrew Johnston
Chicago, Illinois
Railroad Executive; Humanitarian; Longtime Scouter

Thomas J. Keane
Forest Hills, New York
Naval Officer in Two World Wars; Veteran Scouter

John Cook Parish
St. Paul, Minnesota
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Scouter

John Thurman
Gilwell Park, England
Camp Chief of Gilwell Park; Recipient of Silver Wolf and Bronze Wolf

Carl Vinson
Milledgeville, Georgia
Member, United States House of Representatives; Friend of Scouting

Clarence E. Williams
Woodward, Oklahoma
Physician; Surgeon; Jamboree Medical Officer; Scouter


Erwin Dain Canham
Boston, Massachusetts
Editor; Author; Broadcasting Commentator; Humanitarian

L. Osmond Crosby
Picayune, Mississippi
Industrialist; Community Leader; Scouter

Herold C. Hunt
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Educator; Author; Consultant; Scouter

Walter H. Judd
Washington, D.C.
Statesman; Missionary; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

John T. Kimball
New York, New York
Utilities Executive; Civic Leader; Scouter

Harold B. Lee
Salt Lake City, Utah
Business Executive; Educator; Church Official; Scouter

Douglas MacArthur
New York, New York
Corporation Chairman; General of the Army; Recipient of Congressional Medal of Honor

Jack C. Vowell
El Paso, Texas
Business Executive; Engineer; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

Frederick M. Warburg
New York, New York
Banker; Philanthropist; Worker for Youth; Scouter



A. Frank Bray
Martinez, California
Jurist; Civic Leader; Friend to Youth; Scouter

Albert L. Cole
Greenwich, Connecticut
Publisher; President, Boys’ Clubs of America; Philanthropist

Lyndon B. Johnson
Johnson City, Texas
Thirty-sixth President, United States of America

Ralph W. McCreary
Indiana, Pennsylvania
Industrialist; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

Robert Moses
New York, New York
Public Servant; Builder; Friend to Youth; Scouter

Ephraim Laurence Palmer
Ithaca, New York
Educator; Author; Conservationist; Veteran Scouter

Thomas F. Patton
Cleveland, Ohio
International Industrialist; Civic Leader; Scouter

Gilbert R. Pirrung
Bainbridge, Georgia
Agriculturist; Churchman; World Scouter

Howard Tellepsen
Houston, Texas
Business Leader; Churchman; Scouter


Irving Ben Cooper
New York, New York
Jurist; Humanitarian; Friend to Youth

Austin T. Cushman
Chicago, Illinois
Merchandising Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

Harry J. Delaney
New York, New York
Business Leader; Churchman; Scouter

Royal Firman Jr.
Cleveland, Ohio
Business, Cultural, Community, and Church Leader; Scouter

John H. Glenn Jr.
Houston, Texas
Colonel, United States Marine Corps (Ret.); Astronaut; Scouter

Harry J. Johnson
New York, New York
Physician; Educator; Administrator; Scouter

Harry G. McGavran
Quincy, Illinois
Surgeon; Community Leader; Humanitarian; Scouter

David Sarnoff
New York, New York
Industrialist; Communications Expert; Veteran Scouter

Jo. S. Stong
Keosauqua, Iowa
Community Leader; Scouting Enthusiast

Gustavo J. Vollmer
Caracas, Venezuela
Engineer; Venezuelan and World Scouter


Richard W. Darrow
Scarsdale, New York
Publicist; Civic Leader; Eagle Scout; Scouter

John Henry Fischer
New York, New York
Educator; Civic Leader; Eagle Scout; Scouter

Charles Zachary Hardwick
Findlay, Ohio
Business Executive; Humanitarian; Scouter

Lewis Blaine Hershey
Washington, D.C.
Lieutenant General, United States Army; Director, Selective Service; Scouter

Basil O’Connor
New York, New York
Lawyer; Public Servant; Humanitarian; Friend to Youth

Philip Henry Powers
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Engineer; Educator; Pioneer Scouter


Paul G. Benedum
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Business Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

Sterling B. Doughty
Sacramento, California
Financial and Management Consultant; World Scouter

Harold Keith Johnson
Washington, D.C.
Chief of Staff, United States Army; Educator; Scouter

Otto Kerner
Springfield, Illinois
Governor of the State of Illinois; Scouter

Clarence “Biggie” Munn
Lansing, Michigan
Athletic Director; Coach; Friend of Youth; Scouter

Crawford Rainwater
Pensacola, Florida
Business Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

Vittz-James Ramsdell
Portland, Oregon
Business Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

Howard A. Rusk
New York, New York
Physician; Educator; Innovator; Humanitarian

Dwight J. Thomson
Cincinnati, Ohio
Business Leader; Veteran Scouter; World Scouter

William C. Westmoreland
Washington, D.C.
Commander, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam; CG, U.S. Army, Vietnam; Eagle Scout; Scouter


John Cardinal Cody
Chicago, Illinois
Archbishop of Chicago; Recipient of the Silver Beaver; Energetic Scouter

John G. Detwiler
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Industrialist; Churchman; Recipient of the Silver Beaver and Silver Antelope; National Executive Board Member

Robert T. Gray
Prospect, Ohio
Physician; Eagle Scout; Medical Officer at Many National and World Jamborees

Arthur Z. Hirsch
Santa Barbara, California
Veteran Scouter; Recipient of the Silver Beaver and Silver Antelope

John F. Lott
Lubbock, Texas
Rancher; World Scouter; Recipient of the Silver Beaver and Silver Antelope

William L. Schloss
Indianapolis, Indiana
Banker; Community Leader; Recipient of the Silver Beaver

James E. Webb
Washington, D.C.
Lawyer; Businessman; Diplomat; Educator; Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration


John M. Budd
St. Paul, Minnesota
Executive; Champion of Youth; Dedicated Scouter

Arleigh Burke
Washington, D.C.
Military Leader; Patriot; Distinguished Scouter

James F. Burshears
La Junta, Colorado
Imaginative Scouter

M. Scott Carpenter
Houston, Texas
Aquanaut; Astronaut; Friend of Scouting

Vincent T. Lombardi
Washington, D.C.
Professional Football General Manager; Friend of Youth

John W. H. Miner
Quebec, Canada
Manufacturer; Community Leader; World Scouter

James E. Patrick
Phoenix, Arizona
Banker; Community Leader; Devoted Scouter

Robert W. Reneker
Chicago, Illinois
Executive; Humanitarian; Devoted Scouter

John W. Starr
Kansas City, Missouri
Executive; Faithful Scouter

N. Eldon Tanner
Salt Lake City, Utah
Churchman; Executive; Veteran Scouter


Neil A. Armstrong
El Lago, Texas
Astronaut; First Man to Walk on the Moon

Francisco Bueso
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Chamber of Commerce Director; Champion of Scouting

Antonio C. Delgado
Manilla, Philippines
Business Executive; World Scouter

Laurence C. Jones
Piney Woods, Mississippi
Educator; Author; Servant of Youth

Aryeh Lev
New York, New York
Rabbi; Chaplain; Dedicated Scouter

Leo Perlis
Washington, D.C.
Organized Labor Official; Humanitarian; Friend of Scouting

Bryan S. Reid Jr.
Chicago, Illinois
Investment Banker; Community Leader; Devoted Scouter

William H. Spurgeon III
Santa Ana, California
Childrens Hospital Executive; “Father” of Special-Interest Exploring


William G. Connare
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Bishop; Scouter; and Champion of Scouting

Elbert R. Curtis
Salt Lake City, Utah
Executive; Community and Church Leader; Veteran Scouter

Thomas Stephens Haggai
High Point, North Carolina
Gifted Public Speaker; Ordained Minister; Patriot; Scouter

August F. Hook
Indianapolis, Indiana
Business Executive; Community Leader; Dedicated Scouter

William R. Jackson
Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Executive; Devoted Scouter; Friend of Youth

Fred C. Mills
Aptos, California
Outstanding Scouter; Retired Director, Health and Safety Service, Boy Scouts of America

Arch Monson Jr.
San Francisco, California
Patron of the Arts; Humanitarian; Executive

Richard Milhous Nixon
Washington, D.C.
Thirty-seventh President, United States of America

Leon Howard Sullivan
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Humanitarian; Peoples’ Champion


Louis R. Bruce Jr.
Washington, D.C.
U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs; Champion of Scouting

Harvey C. Christen
Burbank, California
Aircraft Company Executive; Civic Leader; Devoted Scouter

Louis G. Feil
Chipita Park, Colorado
Consulting Engineer; Promoter of Camping and Order of the Arrow

Edwin H. Gott
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Corporate Executive; Community Leader; Vigorous Promoter of Exploring

Donald P. Hammond
Monticello, New York
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Scouting Enthusiast

Albert M. Jongeneel
Rio Vista, California
Retired Rancher; Dedicated Scouter

Arthur L. Jung Jr.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Business Executive; Servant of Youth; International Scouter

Prime F. Osborn III
Jacksonville, Florida
Company President; Friend of Youth; Advocate of Scouting

George W. Pirtle
Tyler, Texas
Consulting Geologist and Independent Oil Producer; Philanthropist; Benefactor of Scouting

Penn W. Zeigler
Cincinnati, Ohio
Business Executive; Humanitarian; Veteran Scouter


Ernest Banks
Chicago, Illinois
Baseball Great; Inspiration for Boys; Faithful Scouter

Joseph A. Brunton Jr.
Matawan, New Jersey
Servant of Youth; Former Chief Scout Executive

Victor T. Ehre
Utica, New York
Company President; Community Leader; Dedicated Scouter

Donald H. Flanders
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Company Founder and President; Distinguished Scouter

E. K. Jamison
Atlanta, Georgia
Company President; Devoted Scouter

Max I. Silber
Nashua, New Hampshire
Company President; Loyal Scouter; Benefactor of Students

Osborne K. Taylor
Montclair, New Jersey
Retired Corporate Executive; Veteran Scoutmaster; Champion of Scouting

J. Kimball Whitney
Wayzata, Minnesota
Company President; Friend of Youth; Veteran Scouter


Stephen A. Derby
Honolulu, Hawaii
Retired Banker; Civic Leader; Faithful Scouter

James E. Johnson
Los Angeles, California
Corporate Board Chairman; Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy; Distinguished Scouter

Allen W. Mathis Jr.
Montgomery, Alabama
Company Board Chairman; Civic Leader; Dedicated Scouter

James R. Neidhoefer
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Company President; Distinguished Scouter; Veteran Scoutmaster

Melvin B. Neisner
Rochester, New York
Company President; Community Leader; Devoted Scouter

William H. Quasha
Manila, Philippines
Attorney; International Scouter; Scoutmaster

John K. Sloan
Los Angeles, California
Attorney; Advocate of Youth; Loyal Scouter

Herman Stern
Valley City, North Dakota
Merchant; Humanitarian; Veteran Scouter

Leif J. Sverdrup
St. Louis, Missouri
Industrialist; Engineer; Zealous Scouter

Wallace E. Wilson
Detroit, Michigan
Corporate Vice-President; Friend of Youth; Dedicated Scouter


Gerald R. Ford
Washington, D.C.
Thirty-eighth President, United States of America; Symbol of Integrity; Example for Youth


John T. Acree Jr.
Louisville, Kentucky
Company Board Chairman; Civic Leader; Dedicated Scouter

Perry R. Bass
Fort Worth, Texas
Corporate Chairman and President; Community Benefactor; Distinguished Scouter

Milton Caniff
Palm Springs, California
Cartoonist; Humanitarian; Friend of Scouting

Arthur H. Cromb
Mission Hills, Kansas
Company President; Inspirational Scouter; University Alumni Leader

Thomas F. Hawkins
River Forest, Illinois
University Vice-President; Scouter Extraordinaire

Elizabeth G. Knight
Waite Hill, Ohio
Philanthropist; Benefactor of Scouting

Joseph W. Marshall
Twin Falls, Idaho
Retired Physician and Surgeon; Churchman; Faithful Scouter

Louis W. Menk
South St. Paul, Minnesota
Company Board Chairman; Transportation Industry Leader; Loyal Scouter

Max S. Norris
Indianapolis, Indiana
Physician; Businessman; Devoted Scouter

LaVern Watts Parmley
Salt Lake City, Utah
Churchwoman; Benefactor of Children; Cub Scouting Advocate

Simon Rositzky
St. Joseph, Missouri
Company President; Conservationist; American Humanics Chairman

Lester R. Steig
San Francisco, California
Educator; Author; Proponent of Scouting


None awarded


L. Jadwin Asfeld
West St. Paul, Minnesota
Company President; Red Cross Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Jimmy Carter
Washington, D.C.
Thirty-ninth President, United States of America; Defender of Human Rights; Friend of Youth

Alec Chesser
Houston, Texas
Corporate Leader; Man of Stature; Devoted Scouter

Dorothy Feist
New York, New York
Humanitarian; Philanthropist; Scouting ‘First Lady’

Roy W. Jordan
St. Louis, Missouri
Civil Leader; Good Citizen; Scouting Stalwart

Richard W. Kiefer
Baltimore, Maryland
Attorney; Versatile Scouter; Churchman

Katsumi Kometani
Honolulu, Hawaii
Dentist; Dedicated Scouter; Advocate of Youth

Thomas S. Monson
Salt Lake City, Utah
Church Leader; Noted Speaker; Scouter

John D. Murchison
Dallas, Texas
Partner, Murchison Brothers; Civic Leader; Scouting Proponent

John D. Schapiro
Baltimore, Maryland
International Sportsman; Businessman; Faithful Scouter

Forrest N. Shumway
Los Angeles, California
Corporate Executive; Friend of Youth; Veteran Scouter

Bland W. Worley
Charlotte, North Carolina
Corporate Executive; Civic Servant; Great Scouter


None awarded


Charles T. Clayton
Birmingham, Alabama
Executive; Civic Leader; Dedicated Scouter

William P. Clements Jr.
Dallas, Texas
Governor of Texas; Executive; Distinguished Scouter

Frank William Gay
Encino, California
Business Executive; Churchman; Devoted Scouter

Thomas F. Gilbane
Providence, Rhode Island
Builder; Business Leader; Decicated Scouter

Milton H. Gray
Chicago, Illinois
Lawyer; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

William Hillcourt
Manlius, New York
“Green Bar Bill,” the Voice of Scouting

Downing B. Jenks
St. Louis, Missouri
Corporate Executive; Railroader; BSA President

Reuben R. Jensen
Detroit, Michigan
Corporate Executive; Distinguished Scouter

Sonia S. Maguire
Stamford, Connecticut
Humanitarian; Benefactor of Scouting

J. Willard Marriott
Washington, D.C.
Corporation Founder; Churchman; Benefactor of Scouting

Archibald McClure
Chicago, Illinois
Executive; Community Servant; Loyal Scouter

Henry J. Nave
Pinehurst, North Carolina
Corporate Executive; Sportsman; Faithful Scouter

Gene H. Sternberg Sr.
Granite City, Illinois
Executive; Civic Leader; Loyal Scouter

Harry D. Thorsen Jr.
Sarasota, Florida
Scouts on Stamps Society International; Executive


Arthur G. Linkletter
Beverly Hills, California
TV and Radio Star; Author; Friend of Scouting


Rodney H. Brady
Ogden, Utah
Educator; Business Executive; Devoted Scouter

Robert W. Briggs
Indianapolis, Indiana
Physician; Community Leader; Dedicated Scouter

Hugh C. Clayton
Bokeelia, Florida
Architect; Engineer; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

Francis A. Coy
Cleveland, Ohio
Business Executive; Community Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Robert H. Gaynor
Bedminster, New Jersey
Businessman; Civic Leader; Devoted Scouter

Albert V. Hartl
Bismarck, North Dakota
Business Executive; Distinguished and Veteran Scouter

Peter W. Hummel
Reno, Nevada
Geologist; Supporter of Higher Education; Loyal Scouter

Robert J. LaFortune
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Independent Oil Operator; Civic Leader; Dedicated Scouter

Thomas C. MacAvoy
Corning, New York
Business Executive; Community Servant; Devoted Scouter

Ann W. Nally
Annandale, Virginia
Community Servant; Parent; Dedicated Scouter

George M. Pardee Jr.
La Jolla, California
Builder; Humanitarian; Veteran Scouter

Ronald Reagan
Rancho Del Cielo, Santa Barbara, California
Fortieth President, United States of America; Former Governor; Friend to Youth

V. J. Skutt
Omaha, Nebraska
Corporate Executive; Lawyer; Distinguished Scouter

John B. Young
Nassau, Bahamas, and Newark, New Jersey
Bank General Manager; Civic Leader; International Scouter


None awarded


Henry “Hank” Aaron
Atlanta, Georgia
Baseball Star; Humanitarian; Friend of Scouting

Monsignor Louis P. Barcelo
Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Clergyman; Educator; Dedicated Scouter

John M. Belk
Charlotte, North Carolina
Businessman; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

Robert W. Dievendorf
La Crescenta, California
Friend of Youth With Special Needs; Devoted Scouter

Edward C. Joullian III
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Engineer; Civic Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Spencer W. Kimball
Salt Lake City, Utah
Church Leader; Teacher; Lifelong Friend of Scouting

D. Loring Marlett
Rancho Palos Verdes, California
Public Servant; Mining, Real Estate, and Oil Executive; Humanitarian

Sanford N. McDonnell
St. Louis, Missouri
Aerospace Leader; Community Servant; Devoted Scouter

Charles A. Rahmberg
Peoria, Illinois
Insurance Executive; Dedicated and Distinguished Scouter

Ben Reifel
Esteline, South Dakota
American Indian Leader; Public Servant; Devoted Scouter

Thomas L. Tatham
Miami, Florida
Attorney; Civic Leader; Outstanding Scouter

Rolland M. Wilkening
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Engineer; Community Servant; Dedicated Scouter


None awarded


Robert L. Backman
Salt Lake City, Utah
Church Leader; Attorney; Distinguished Scouter

Harry E. Bovay Jr.
Houston, Texas
Retired Chief Executive Officer; Professional Engineer; Faithful Scouter

J. R. Davidsmeyer
Springfield, Illinois
Corporate Executive; Civic Leader; Dynamic Advocate of Exploring

Burl Ives
Montecito, California
Ballad Singer and Collector of Songs; Actor; Friend of Scouting

Ted L. Johnson
Fremont, Michigan
Company President; Community Leader; Loyal Scouter

William P. McCahill
Arlington, Virginia
Retired Marine Officer and Historian; Advocate for People With Special Needs

Charles J. Merlin
Hudson Heights, New Jersey
Founder of the Elbeetian Legion of Lone Scout Alumni; Editor and Publisher of Elbeetee

Thomas L. Parker
Columbus, Ohio
Retired Business Executive; Dedicated Scouter

Roger Tory Peterson
Old Lyme, Connecticut
Ornithologist; Artist; Naturalist

Charles M. Pigott
Bellevue, Washington
Company President; Civic Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Betty F. Pilsbury
Laurens, South Carolina
National Girl Scout President; Civic Leader; Advocate for Youth

Eddie G. Robinson
Grambling, Louisiana
Football Coach; Educator; Inspiration for Youth


None awarded


William Aramony
Alexandria, Virginia
President of United Way of America; Humanitarian; Human-Service Leader

Warren E. Burger
Washington, D.C.
15th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; Teacher; Distinguished Jurist

Daniel W. Derbes
La Jolla, California
Corporate Executive; Distinguished Eagle Scout; Loyal Scouter

Vaughn J. Featherstone
Salt Lake City, Utah
Church Leader; Advocate for Youth; Dedicated Scouter

James F. Gary
Honolulu, Hawaii
International Energy Adviser; Community Leader; Faithful Scouter

John McCullough Gibson
Drumore, Pennsylvania
Civic Leader; Farmer; Dedicated Scouter

Earl G. Graves
New York City, New York
Corporate Head; Business Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Marion D. Hanks
Salt Lake City, Utah
Church Leader; Advocate for Youth; Loyal Scouter

Robert F. Harbrant
Washington, D.C.
Labor Leader; Civic Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Ben M. Hauserman
Cleveland, Ohio
Retired Business Executive; Community Leader; Faithful Scouter

Roy W. Hawkinson
St. Paul, Minnesota
Company President; Outdoorsman; Dedicated Scouter

Reuben Hitchcock
Keswick, Virginia
Retired Business Executive; Horseman; Devoted Scouter

Andrew Gerow Hodges
Birmingham, Alabama
Retired Insurance Executive; Civic Leader; Dedicated Scouter

William Charles McCord
Dallas, Texas
Corporate Executive; Community Leader; Loyal Scouter

Henry B. Murphy
Trenton, New Jersey
Company President; Civic Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Norman Vincent Peale
New York, New York
Distinguished Author; Popular Speaker; Inspiration for Youth

Nancy Davis Reagan
The White House, Washington, D.C.
First Lady; Civic Leader; Crusader for Youth and Against Drugs

Eugene F. “Bud” Reid
Santa Barbara, California
Company President; Petroleum Geologist; Loyal Scouter

Jack B. Riffle
Late of Utica, New York
Insurance Executive; Civic Leader; Loyal Scouter

Charles M. Schulz
Santa Rosa, California
Cartoonist; Creative Artist; Friend of Youth

Marshall M. Sloane
Boston, Massachusetts
Bank President; Community Servant; Dedicated Scouter

John W. Thomas Jr.
High Point, North Carolina
Company President; Civic Leader; Faithful Scouter


None awarded


Marian Anderson
Danbury, Connecticut
Contralto; Concert Artist; Friend of Youth

Margot Bogert
Bedford Hills, New York
College Administrator; Community Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Houston A. Brice Jr.
Birmingham, Alabama
Builder; Civic Leader; Dedicated Scouter

George Herbert Walker Bush
The White House, Washington, D.C.
Forty-first President of the United States; Businessman; Senior Public Official

Albert E. Cahill
Latham, New York
Aquatics Safety Instructor; Writer; Devoted Scouter

Murray L. Cole
Wayne, New Jersey
Attorney; Community Servant; Loyal Scouter

Lester E. Coleman
Wickliffe, Ohio
Corporate Executive; Chemist; Devoted Scouter

John R. Donnell Jr.
Atlanta, Georgia
Independent Investor; Arts Supporter; Faithful Scouter

William B. Elliott
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Human Resources Director; Community Servant; Dedicated Scouter

Hugh Lawson Hembree III
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Executive; Community Servant; Devoted Scouter

Harold S. Hook
Houston, Texas
Corporate Executive; Civic Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Glendon E. Johnson
Miami, Florida
Corporate Executive; Church Leader; Dedicated Scouter

Isidore J. Lamothe Jr.
Marshall, Texas
Physician and Surgeon; Community Leader; Devoted Scouter

Richard H. Leet
Downers Grove, Illinois
Oil Company Executive; Community Servant; Loyal Scouter

Carl M. Marchetti
Ocean, New Jersey
Obstetrician/Gynecologist; Community Servant; Faithful Scouter

William E. Slesnick
Hanover, New Hampshire
Mathematician; Educator; Distinguished Scouter

C. Travis Traylor Jr.
Houston, Texas
Private Investor; Civic Leader; Committed Scouter

William H. Webster
Washington, D.C.
CIA Director; Lawyer; Distinguished Public Servant

Alfred H. Wehr
Edina, Minnesota
Consultant; Community Leader; Dedicated Scouter

John R. Wooden
Los Angeles, California
Former Head Basketball Coach, UCLA; Teacher; Friend of Youth

Dwan Jacobsen Young
Salt Lake City, Utah
Benefactor of Children; Civic Leader; Loyal Scouter


None awarded


William L. Adams
Fort Worth, Texas
Geologist; Oil Company Executive; Distinguished Scouter

John L. Clendenin
Atlanta, Georgia
Telecommunications Executive; Civic Leader; Loyal Scouter

Glenn A. Cox
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Retired Executive; Education Regent; Dedicated Scouter

Kenneth P. Davis
Alexandria, Virginia
Logistician; Army Reservist; Devoted Scouter

Jacques E. Dubois
Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Businessman; Civic Leader; Outstanding Scouter

Marian Wright Edelman
Washington, D.C.
Children’s Advocate; Civil Rights Leader; Friend of Youth

James A. Hackney III
Washington, North Carolina
Professional Engineer; Executive; Dedicated Scouter

Paul R. Hafer
Boyertown, Pennsylvania
Automotive Engineer; Inventor; Loyal Scouter

Richard C. Halpern
Winnetka, Illinois
Construction Executive; Civil Engineer; Distinguished Scouter

Vivian Harris
New York, New York
Advocate for People With Special Needs; Civic Leader; Dynamic Scouter

William A. Hiller
Fayetteville, New York
Farm Cooperative Executive; Community Servant; Able Scouter

James A. Lovell Jr.
Chicago, Illinois
Astronaut; Communications Executive; Distinguished Eagle Scout

William H. Niemannv
Glen Rock, New Jersey
Horticulturist; Community Servant; Dedicated Scouter

General Colin L. Powell
Washington, D.C.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Army Officer; Role Model for Youth

Richard N. Ross
Paso Robles, California
Producer; Showman; Dedicated Scouter

Gerald J. Voros
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Communicator; Civic Worker; Devoted Scouter


William H. Gray III
Reston, Virginia
Minister; Legislator; Supporter of Education

George R. Hill III
Salt Lake City, Utah
Educator; Researcher; Dedicated Scouter

Lester G. Jones
Sequim-Dungeness, Washington
Human Resources Consultant; Executive; Loyal Scouter

R. Dan Matkin
Irving, Texas
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Devoted Scouter

R. Richard Rubottom
Dallas, Texas
International Consultant; Diplomat; Dynamic Scouter

G. William Swisher Jr.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Corporate Executive; Civic Leader; Distinguished Scouter


Thomas T. Anderson, D.C.
Los Angeles, California
Doctor of Chiropractic; Civic Leader; Loyal Scouter

Norman R. Augustine
Bethesda, Maryland
Aeronautical Engineer; Author; Distinguished Scouter

Richard L. Burdick
San Marcos, Texas
Civic Leader; Devoted Scouter

Clarence E. Gaines Sr.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Educator; Coach; Community Leader

Gordon B. Hinckley
Salt Lake City, Utah
Church Leader; Community Servant; Distinguished Citizen

Richard P. LaRocque
Old Lyme, Connecticut
Clergyman; Community Volunteer; Dedicated Scouter

J. W. Marriott Jr.
Washington, D.C.
Corporate Executive; Civic Leader; Distinguished Scouter

J. Patrick Ross
Columbus, Ohio
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Dynamic Scouter

Herbert J. Rowe
Naples, Florida
Association Executive; Community Leader; Loyal Scouter


Ronald E. Burton
Boston, Massachusetts
Star Athlete; Popular Speaker; Dedicated Scouter; Civic Leader

August A. Busch III
St. Louis, Missouri
Corporate Executive; Civic Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Anderson W. Chandler
Topeka, Kansas
Banker; Civic Leader; Loyal Scouter

Robert A. Cunningham
Kansas City, Missouri
Business Executive; Devoted Scouter; Community Leader

Jack H. Goaslind
Salt Lake City, Utah
Church Leader; Youth Adviser; Distinguished Scouter

Drew Lewis
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Former United States Secretary of Transportation; Railroad Industry Executive; Public Servant

John S. “Jack” Zink
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Mechanical Engineer; Inventor; Dynamic Scouter


Ted Carlsen
Edina, Minnesota
Company Founder; Community Leader; Dedicated Scouter

John W. Creighton Jr.
Tacoma, Washington
Corporate Executive; Civic Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Michael D. Harris
Palm Springs, California
Attorney; Church Supporter; Devoted Scouter

Frank H. Heckrodt
Appleton, Wisconsin
Retired Executive; Community Servant; Loyal Scouter

Gerard O. Rocque
Silver Creek, New York
Church Leader; Community Volunteer; Dynamic Scouter

Henry A. Rosenberg Jr.
Baltimore, Maryland
Petroleum Industry Executive; Civic Leader; Dedicated Scouter

E. W. “Bud” Wendell
Nashville, Tennessee
Music Industry Executive; Community Leader; Loyal Scouter


Thomas D. Allen
Chicago, Illinois
Attorney; Jamboree Leader; International Scouter

William J. Clinton
Washington, D.C.
Forty-second President of the United States of America; Governor of Arkansas; Attorney; Senior Public Official

John M. Coughlin
Larchmont, New York
Insurance Executive; Church Leader; Dedicated Scouter

Siegfred S. Kagawa
Honolulu, Hawaii
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Dedicated Scouter

Francis H. Olmstead Jr.
Knoxville, Tennessee
Engineer; Community Leader; Distinguished Scouter

Robert H. Reynolds
Indianapolis, Indiana
Attorney; Community Volunteer; Dynamic Scouter

Samuel K. Skinner
Chicago, Illinois
Former United States Secretary of Transportation; Utilities Executive; Loyal Scouter

Evelyn T. Smith
Picayune, Mississippi
Business Executive; Community Leader; Dedicated Scouter

Marvin L. Smith
Houston, Texas
Petroleum Geologist; Civic Leader; Devoted Scouter


John C. Cushman III
Los Angeles, California
Real Estate Executive; Civic Leader; Devoted Scouter

Allan D. Fisher
Visalia, California
Health Care Executive; Community Leader; Dynamic Scouter

Vertella S. Gadsden
New York, New York
Synagogue Leader; Public Speaker; Devoted Scouter

Herbert T. Olson Jr.
Irving, Texas
Retired Association Executive; Civic Leader; Devoted Scouter

Edward Allan Pease
Terre Haute, Indiana
U.S. Representative; Youth Advocate; Distinguished Scouter

Elliott Waite Phillips
Amarillo, Texas
Rancher; Philanthropist; Scouting Benefactor

Ronald J. Temple
Chicago, Illinois
Educator; Administrator; Loyal Scouter

K. Gregory Tucker
Readyville, Tennessee
Retired Attorney; Water Safety Advocate; Dedicated Scouter

Donald R. Watkins
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Business Executive; Community Volunteer; Distinguished Scouter


A. Dano Davis
Jacksonville, Florida
Corporate Executive; Civic Leader; Devoted Scouter

J. Stephen Fossett
Chicago, Illinois
Adventurer; Corporate Executive; Dynamic Scouter

Edward L. Gaylord
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Corporate Executive; Community Servant; Dedicated Scouter

Carlos R. Hamilton Jr., M.D.
Houston, Texas
Physician; Community Servant; Distinguished Scouter

Loren S. Riggins Jr.
Vineland, New Jersey
Business Executive; Community Leader; Dedicated Scouter

Roy S. Roberts
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Corporate Executive; Civic Leader; Loyal Scouter

Janet E. Sharp
Hanford, California
Retired Educator; Community Servant; Dedicated Scouter



Charles L. Bowerman
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Retired Corporate Executive; Former Athlete; Dedicated Scouter

M. Anthony Burns
Miami, Florida
Humanitarian; Corporate Executive; Dynamic Scouter

Robert M. Gates
Sedro Woolley, Washington
National Servant; Author; Distinguished Scouter

Roger R. Hemminghaus
San Antonio, Texas
Corporate Executive; Civic Leader; Loyal Scouter

Louise Mandrell
Nashville, Tennessee
Entertainer; Author; Devoted Scouter

C. Dudley Pratt Jr.
Kailua, Hawaii
Business Executive; Community Servant; Dynamic Scouter

Thomas E. Reddin
Rockville, Maryland
Government Executive; Civic Leader; Devoted Scouter

Frank G. Rubino, M.D.
Capistrano Beach, California
Physician; Community Volunteer; Dedicated Scouter

Alfred S. Warren
Grosse Pointe, Michigan
Retired Corporate Executive; Community Leader; Enthusiastic Scouter

Togo D. West Jr.
Washington, D.C.
Government Executive; Public Servant; Distinguished Eagle Scout

Edward E. Whitacre Jr.
San Antonio, Texas
Corporate Executive; Civic Leader; Devoted Scouter


William F. Cronk
Lafayette, California
Corporate Executive; Church Leader; Energetic Scouter

George F. Francis III
Southfield, Michigan
Community Servant; Corporate Executive; Dedicated Scouter

General Robert T. Herres
San Antonio, Texas
National Servant; Retired Executive; Distinguished Eagle Scout

W. Walter Menninger, M.D.
Topeka, Kansas
Physician; Civic Servant; Distinguished Eagle Scout

The Oak Ridge Boys
Nashville, Tennessee
Musicians; Businessmen; Dynamic Scouters

Elmer E. Rasmuson
Anchorage, Alaska
Philanthropist; Education Enthusiast; Devoted Scouter

Harold L. “Spike” Yoh Jr.
Haverford, Pennsylvania
Civic Servant; Retired Corporate Executive; Loyal Scouter

H. H. “Zig” Ziglar
Carrollton, Texas
Motivational Speaker; Writer; Community Servant


James H. Bean
Oregon City, Oregon
Attorney; National Servant; Devoted Scouter

Raymond V. Biondo, M.D.
North Little Rock, Arkansas
Physician; Educator; Dutiful Scouter

George W. Bush
Midland, Texas
Forty-third President of the United States of America; Governor of Texas; Advocate of Youth

Fred S. Faber Jr.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Engineer; Civic Servant; Energetic Scouter

John Gottschalk
Omaha, Nebraska
Executive; Community Servant; Dedicated Scouter

Lee Greenwood
Nashville, Tennessee
Musician; Humanitarian; Supportive Scouter

Carl E. Stewart
Shreveport, Louisiana
U.S. Circuit Judge; Civic Servant; Loyal Scouter

Milton H. Ward
Tucson, Arizona
Corporate Executive; Arts Enthusiast; Dedicated Scouter

Sue J. Weierman
Taylorsville, Utah
Civic Volunteer; Editor; Dynamic Scouter


Lawrence P. “Yogi” Berra
Montclair, New Jersey
Professional Athlete; Community Servant; Supportive Scouter

Donna Cunningham
Amarillo, Texas
Community Servant; Dedicated Leader; Dynamic Scouter

Terrence P. Dunn
Leawood, Kansas
Chief Executive Officer; Community Servant; Enthusiastic Scouter

F. Melvin Hammond
North Salt Lake City, Utah Religious Leader; Educator; Dutiful Scouter

Lyle R. Knight
Billings, Montanav Executive; Business Leader; Dependable Scouter

Jerrold L. Lockshin
Canton, Ohio
Civic Servant; U.S. Army Veteran; Distinguished Scouter

Francis R. McAllister
New York, New York
Corporate Executive; Civic Servant; Loyal Scouter

Glen McLaughlin
Saratoga, California
Venture Capitalist; Philanthropist; Loyal Scouter

Jose F. Niño
Montgomery Village, Maryland
Business Executive; National Servant; Energetic Scouter

H. Ross Perot
Dallas, Texas
Philanthropist; Public Servant; Business Executive

George Zambelli Sr.
New Castle, Pennsylvania
Businessman; Community Volunteer; Faithful Scouter


George Leighton Allen Sr.
Rochester, Minnesota
Distinguished Physician; U.S. Army Veteran; Influential Scouter

John P. DesBarres
Park City, Utah
Energy Executive; Arts Patron; Visionary Scouter

Joseph L. Harris
Nashville, Tennessee
Religious Leader; Urban Revivalist; Supportive Scouter

Aubrey B. Harwell Jr.
Nashville, Tennessee
Civic Leader; Legal Scholar; Devoted Scouter

Donald Keith Hummel
Scotch Plains, New Jersey
Religious Leader; Dynamic Volunteer; Inspirational Scouter

R. Lawry Hunsaker
Salt Lake City, Utah
Foster Parent; Reverent Disciple; International Scouter

Drayton McLane Jr.
Temple, Texas
Business Leader; Sports Executive; Dedicated Scouter

Jan T. Perkins
Fresno, California
Volunteer; Attorney; Devoted Scouter

Mary Ann Price
Kennewick, Washington
Civic Volunteer; Trainer; Tireless Scouter

Robert W. Spanogle
Indianapolis, Indiana
War Veteran; Volunteer; Scouting Advocate


Stephen D. Bechtel Jr.
San Francisco, California
Distinguished Businessman; Community Benefactor; Student Mentor

Robert A. Bedingfield
Potomac, Maryland
Adventurous Volunteer; Dedicated Scouter; Business Leader

Donald A. Belcher
Pauma Valley, California
Business Executive; Dedicated Volunteer; Distinguished Eagle Scout

Dr. David Lloyd Briscoe
Little Rock, Arkansas
Versatile Volunteer; Tireless Scouter; Dedicated Professor

Harriss A. “Hab” Butler III
Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
Lifelong Scouter; Community Activist; Tireless Volunteer

Joseph Csatari
South River, New Jersey
Talented Artist; Selfless Volunteer; Inspired Scouter

Gerald A. Gettelfinger
Evansville, Indiana
Inspirational Scouter; Religious Leader; Youth Advocate

Coleen Kent Menlove
Salt Lake City, Utah
Scouting Matriarch; Tireless Volunteer; Enthusiastic Scouter

Dr. Richards M. Miller
Waynesboro, Virginia
Knowledgeable Scouter; Youth Coach; Distinguished Dentist

Roger M. Schrimp
Oakdale, California
Distinguished Eagle Scout; Community Leader; Successful Attorney

James W. Shepherd
Birmingham, Alabama
Real Estate Investor; Diverse Volunteer; Energetic Scouter


W. Todd Bassett
Alexandria, Virginia
Dedicated Church Leader; Tireless Youth Advocate; Devoted Christian

Dr. Richard H. Carmona
Washington, D.C.
Health Advocate; Distinguished Physician; Decorated Veteran

Douglas H. Dittrick
Ridgewood, New Jersey
Distinguished Businessman; Dedicated Scouter; Community Benefactor

Bradley E. Haddock
Wichita, Kansas
Distinguished Corporate Lawyer; Committed Church Leader; Dedicated Scouter

Peter E. Hyman
Broomall, Pennsylvania
Tireless Scouting Volunteer; Community Leader; Man of God

Alberto A. Muñoz II
McAllen, Texas
Scouting Innovator; Advocate for Youth; Philanthropist

Wayne M. Perry
Medina, Washington
Corporate Leader; Longtime Scouter; Youth Coach

Dr. Samuel J. Prisk
Livonia, Michigan
Lifelong Scouter; Health Professional; Servant Leader

James M. Reddinger
Birmingham, Alabama
Distinguished Businessman; Scouting Leader; Selfless Volunteer

Donald Rumsfeld
Washington, D.C.
National Leader; Naval Aviator; Distinguished Eagle Scout

R. Ray Wood
Rockford, Illinois
Committed Scouter; Business Leader; Youth Advocate


Bray Bruce Barnes
Toms River, New Jersey
Devoted Scouter, Man of God, Distinguished Eagle Scout

S. Truett Cathy
Atlanta, Georgia
Business Pioneer, Leading Philanthropist, Man of God

Dennis H. Chookaszian
Chicago, Illinois
Distinguished Eagle Scout, Corporate Leader, Dedicated Volunteer Atlanta, Georgia

Charles W. Dahlquist II
Salt Lake City, Utah
Church Leader, Longtime Scouter, Committed Professional

L. B. Eckelkamp Jr.
Washington, Missouri
Businessman, Community Leader, Dedicated Scouter

E. Archie Manning III
New Orleans, Louisiana
World-Class Athlete, Devoted Father, Humanitarian

Hector A. Tico Perez
Orlando, Florida
Dedicated Scouter, Community Leader, Distinguished Attorney

Mary Anne Rounds
Rockford, Illinois
Cub Scout Visionary, Prolific Writer, Dedicated Volunteer

Joe W. Walkoviak
Dallas, Texas
Scouting Visionary, Corporate Leader, Dedicated Volunteer

Gary E. Wendlandt
New York, New York
Scouting Leader, Financial Executive, Eagle Scout


Walter M. “Buster” Brown III
Elon, North Carolina
Special-Needs Advocate, Philmont Benefactor, Lifelong Scouter

Diane M. Cannon
The Woodlands, Texas
Dedicated Volunteer, Trusted Mentor, Inspirational Trainer

Peter P. Casey
Weston, Massachusetts
Corporate Leader, Distinguished Eagle Scout, Lifelong Volunteer

Harold C. Friend, M.D.
Boca Raton, Florida
International Scouter, Dedicated Rotarian, Advocate for Children

T. Michael Goodrich
Birmingham, Alabama
Business Leader, Committed Volunteer, Distinguished Eagle Scout

John “Jack” C. Jadel
Wilmette, Illinois
Committed Leader, Education Advocate, Distinguished Eagle Scout

Neal Roger Johnson
Arcadia, California
Exploring Advocate, Key Jamboree Leader, Dedicated Public Servant

G. Edward Lewis
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Advocate for Youth, Philanthropist, Community Servant

Daniel S. Zaccara
Allen, Texas
Lifelong Scouter, Innovative Trainer, War Veteran


D. Kent Clayburn
Moraga, California
Dedicated Scouter, Caring Mentor, International Scouting Advocate

Randall K. Cline
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Lifelong Scouter, Visionary Leader, Dedicated Arrowman

Larry Cunningham
Amarillo, Texas
Venturing Pioneer, Dynamic Trainer, Longtime Scouter

Jeff Gordon
Charlotte, North Carolina
NASCAR Champion, Cub Scout Recruiter, Pediatric Cancer Humanitarian

Ronald K. Migita
Honolulu, Hawaii
Dedicated Scouter, Education Advocate, Business Leader

Nathan O. Rosenberg
Laguna Beach, California
Visionary Leader, Gifted Trainer, Lifelong Scouter

James S. Turley
New York City, New York
Committed Volunteer, Gifted Leader, Good Scout

Charles T. Walneck
Cary, Illinois
Innovative Leader, Veteran Scoutmaster, Patriotic American

Lance B. Wickman
Salt Lake City, Utah
Lifelong Scouter, Combat Veteran, Man of God


Keith A. Clark
Lemoyne, Pennsylvania
Accomplished Leader, Distinguished Attorney, Dedicated Scouter

Ronald O. Coleman
Decatur, Georgia
Gifted Communicator, Friend of Youth, Creative Collaborator

R. Michael Daniel
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Creative Thinker, Accomplished Attorney, Dedicated U.S. Marine

Jack D. Furst
Argyle, Texas
Visionary Leader, Generous Philanthropist, Eagle Scout

William Lloyd Garrison
Cleveland, Ohio
Strategic Thinker, Lifelong Volunteer, Friend of Youth

William H. Gates III
Medina, Washington
Visionary Entrepreneur, Leading Philanthropist, Problem Solver

Albert S. Lineberry Sr.
Greensboro, North Carolina
Lifelong Scouter, Tireless Volunteer, Man of God

Douglas B. Mitchell
Atlanta, Georgia
Master Builder, Youth Advocate, Distinguished Eagle Scout

O. Temple Sloan Jr.
Raleigh, North Carolina
Entrepreneur, Education Advocate, Distinguished Eagle Scout

Charles H. Smith
Concord, California
Proven Leader, Mentor to Youth, Distinguished Eagle Scout

Rex Tillerson
Bartonville, Texas
Lifelong Scouter, Gifted Leader, Eagle Scout

Steven E. Weekes
Hudson, Wisconsin
Strategic Thinker, Successful Businessman, Distinguished Eagle Scout


Edward H. Arnold
Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Business Leader, Generous Philanthropist, Friend of Scouting

Stephen L. Bowen, D.V.M.
El Centro, California
Jamboree VIsionary, Creative Thinker, Gifted Leader

Dale and Gail Coyne
Plainfield, Illinois
IndyCar Team Owners, Friends of Youth, Successful Businesspeople

William M. Finerty, D.P.M.
Defiance, Ohio
Distinguished Physician, International Scouter, Devoted Leader

Marshall E. Hollis, Pharm.D.
Ripley, Mississippi
Experienced Outdoorsman, Leader in Safety, Trusted Businessman

Robert S. Rownd
Akron, Ohio
Skilled Leader, Successful Financial Advisor, Builder of Scouting

Walter Scott Jr.
Omaha, Nebraska
Distinguished Eagle Scout, Successful Businessman, Generous Philanthropist

Robert F. Sinclair
Yakima, Washington
Supporter of Education, Distinguished Eagle Scout, Inventive Leader

W. Scott Sorrels
Alpharetta, Georgia
Friend of Commissioners, Venturing Pioneer, Youth Advocate

Mary E. Stevens, Ph.D.
San Rafael, California
Training Innovator, Technology Trailblazer, Strategic Thinker


Allen David Brown
Houston, Texas
Financial Steward, Tireless Volunteer, Gifted Leader

Paul R. Christen
Huron, South Dakota
Distinguished Eagle Scout, Generous Philanthropist, Servant Leader

Elaine Smith Francis
Southfield, Michigan
Cub Scouting Expert, Friend of Youth, Generous Teacher

Stephen B. King Sr.
Janesville, Wisconsin
Lifelong Scouter, Public Servant, Dedicated Leader

Elmer C. “Neil” Lupton, Ph.D.
Charlestown, Massachussetts
Distinguished Eagle Scout, Strategic Thinker, Servant Leader

Vice Adm. Justin D. McCarthy
Centreville, Virginia
Gifted Leader, Dedicated Scouter, Patriot

Ray Louis Russell
Mesa, Arizona
Wood Badge Expert, Distinguished Eagle Scout, Servant Leader

Russell Hoke Smart
Greenville, South Carolina
Dedicated Scouter, Visionary Leader, Jamboree Expert

Randall L. Stephenson
Dallas, Texas
Passionate Leader, Friend of Scouting, Advocate for Youth

Matthew Maynard Walker
Richardson, Texas
Distinguished Arrowman, Eagle Scout, Cheerful Servant


Carlos J. Arboleya
Miami, Florida
Lifelong Scouter, Tireless Leader, Citizen of the World

Jean Arnold
Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Visionary Philanthropist, Friend of Children, Healthcare Leader

George N. Boulukos
Freeport, New York
Gifted Leader, Distinguished Eagle Scout, Man of God

Jack S. Butler II
Blairsville, Georgia
Distinguished Arrowman, Proven Leader, Eagle Scout

Raymond Capp
Nashville, Tennessee
Tireless Leader, Cheerful Servant, Distinguished Eagle Scout

Ralph De la Vega
Alpharetta, Georgia
Gifted Executive, Creative Thinker, Friend of Youth

J. Russell Hunsaker
Salt Lake City, Utah
Gifted Leader, Visionary Planner, Man of God

William Keeler
Timonium, Maryland
Distinguished Eagle Scout, Friend of Youth, Man of God

Steve McGowan
Cross Lanes, West Virginia
Summit Pioneer, Visionary Leader, Eagle Scout

Ellie Morrison
Waco, Texas
Gifted Trainer, Servant Leader, Distinguished Commissioner

Barack Obama
Washington, D.C.
President of the United States

John F. Pyfer, Jr.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Benefactor, International Scouter, Distinguished Eagle Scout

James Wilson
McLean, Virginia
Advocate for Youth, Gifted Leader, Eagle Scout


David L. Beck
Salt Lake City, Utah
Servant Leader, Man of God, Dynamic Trainer

Toby Capps
Renton, Washington
Distinguished Arrowman, Servant Leader, Eagle Scout

Michael G. Hoffman
Scottsdale, Arizona
Visionary Leader, Distinguished Arrowman, Tireless Volunteer

Sen. Joe Manchin
Fairmont, West Virginia
Public Servant, Common Sense Leader, Scouting Advocate

Robert J. Smith
Holmdel, New Jersey
Gifted Leader, Lifelong Volunteer, Executive Mentor

William W. Stark Jr.
Los Altos Hills, California
Visionary Leader, Tireless Volunteer, Distinguished Eagle Scout

Mark Lewis Stolowitz
Pleasanton, California
World-Class Trainer, Distinguished Arrowman, Eagle Scout

Ralph Wilson “Chip” Turner
Fort Worth, Texas
Man of God, Distinguished Eagle Scout, Bridge Builder

Rosemary M. Wixom
Salt Lake City, Utah
Gifted Trainer, Advocate of Youth, Woman of God


Glenn A. Adams
Fort Worth, Texas
Visionary Leader, Devoted Scouter, Distinguished Eagle Scout

Glenn Thomas Ault, M.D.
Hacienda Heights, California
Gifted Teacher, Dedicated Physician, Distinguished Arrowman

Richard Paul Bragga
Henrico, Virginia
Servant of Youth, Tireless Volunteer, Distinguished Eagle Scout

J.S. “Si” Brown III
New Iberia, Louisiana
Outstanding Citizen, Youth Mentor, Distinguished Eagle Scout

Larry M. Gibson
Highland, Utah
Family Man, Lifelong Scouter, Distinguished Eagle Scout

Jeffery Q. Jonasen
Winter Garden, Florida
Distinguished Arrowman, Servant Leader, Eagle Scout

John Willis Lea IV
Nashville, Tennessee
Distinguished Commissioner, Renowned Physician, Dedicated Scouter

Daniel B. Maxfield
Madera, California
Lifelong Scouter, Tireless Volunteer, Servant Leader

Arthur F. “Skip” Oppenheimer
Boise, Idaho
Community Leader, Education Supporter, Eagle Scout

Robert J. Sirhal
Kingston, Rhode Island
Dedicated Scouter, Community Servant, Leader of Leaders

Bruce Robert Trefz
Gastonia, North Carolina
Medical Missionary, Youth Mentor, Dedicated Scouter

John C. Whitehead
New York City, New York
Inspiring Leader, Visionary Statesman, Distinguished Eagle Scout

Andrew J. Young
Atlanta, Georgia
Civil Rights Leader, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Human Rights Champion


Timothy A. Acree
Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Master Trainer – Servant Leader – Eagle Scout

Ronald Bell
Youth Advocate – Distinguished Eagle Scout – Lifelong Arrowman

Steven D. Bradley
Riverside, Calif.
Servant Leader – Distinguished Arrowman – Eagle Scout

Daniel Leo Coberly
Hazel Green, Ala.
Visionary Leader – Distinguished Eagle Scout – Scouting Ambassador

Christopher Allen Grove
Ormond Beach, Fla.
Gifted Surgeon – Outstanding Eagle Scout – Friend of Youth

Timothy Michael Dolan
New York
Spiritual Leader – Friend of Youth – Man of God

J. Brett Harvey
Business Icon – Model Philanthropist – Scouting Leader

Mark A. Kriebel
Endwell, N.Y.
Servant Leader – Friend of Youth – Distinguished Eagle Scout

Joseph P. Landy
Bronxville, N.Y.
Visionary Leader – Creative Thinker – Dedicated Scouter

Christine Perry
Medina, Wash.
Committed Volunteer – Teacher of Youth – Woman of God

James D. Rogers
Reno, Nev.
Committed Volunteer – Friend of Youth – Distinguished Eagle Scout

John D. Tickle
Bristol, Va.
Business Leader – Philanthropist – Distinguished Eagle Scout

David M. Weekley
Visionary Leader – Friend of Youth – Distinguished Eagle Scout


  • David Biegler, Circle Ten Council (Dallas, Texas)
  • Nelson R. Block, Sam Houston Area Council (Houston, Texas)
  • L. H. (Larry) Chase, Atlanta Area Council (Marietta, Ga.)
  • Lucia Cronin, Bay-Lakes Council (River Hills, Wis.)
  • Robert G. Dealaman, Baden Powell Council (Endwell, N.Y.)
  • Eric L. Hiser, Grand Canyon Council (Phoenix, Ariz.)
  • Kenneth P. King, Three Fires Council (St. Charles, Ill.)
  • Carol McCarthy, Buckskin Council (Fayetteville, W.Va.)
  • Daniel G. Ownby, Sam Houston Area Council (Houston, Texas)
  • Aubrey B. Patterson, Yocona Area Council (Tupelo, Miss.)
  • Mark D. Rose , Gulf Ridge Council (Lutz, Fla.)
  • David L. Steward, Greater St. Louis Area Council (St. Louis, Mo.)


  • Linda Baker, Twin Rivers Council (Saratoga Springs, N.Y.)
  • Terry Bramlett, Northeast Georgia Council (Suches, Ga.)
  • John Brown, Pathway to Adventure Council (Park Forest, Ill.)
  • Howard Bulloch, Las Vegas Area Council (Las Vegas)
  • Larry Coppock, Middle Tennessee Council (Joelton, Tenn.)
  • Craig Fenneman, Hoosier Trails Council (Martinsville, Ind.)
  • John W. Hess, Longs Peak Council (Lafayette, Colo.)
  • William Loeble Jr., Atlanta Area Council (Covington, Ga.)
  • Maria Molinelli, Puerto Rico Council (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
  • Brian Williams, Buffalo Trace Council (Evansville, Ind.)


  • Dave Alexander, Grand Canyon Council (Phoenix)
  • Jeffrey S. Bostwick, San Diego-Imperial Council (San Diego)
  • E. Gordon Gee, Mountaineer Council (Morgantown, W.Va.)
  • Dr. Kenneth D. King, Northern New Jersey Council (Forked River, N.J.)
  • Robert E. Murray, Ohio River Valley Council (St. Clairsville, Ohio)
  • William E. “Bill” Rosner, Laurel Highlands Council (Pittsburgh)
  • James A. Ryffel, Longhorn Council (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • C. Bari Saunders, Sam Houston Area Council (Houston)
  • Gary M. Schroeder, Chester County Council (Landenberg, Pa.)
  • Alison K. Schuler, Great Southwest Council (Albuquerque, N.M.)
  • Daniel Thomas Segersin, Northern Star Council (Eden Prairie, Minn.)
  • Wesley J. Smith, Piedmont Council (Piedmont, Calif.)
  • Kaylene “Kay” Trick, Susquehanna Council (New Berlin, Pa.)


  • Ronald L. Adolphi, National Capital Area Council (Maryland)
  • Thomas S. Bain, Greater New York Councils (New York)
  • Scott W. Beckett, Northern Star Council (Minnesota)
  • Paul C. Bicket, Last Frontier Council (Oklahoma)
  • Ned C. Gold, Great Trail Council (Ohio)
  • Julia Mae-Shen Lesko, National Capital Area Council (Maryland)
  • Charles E. McGee, National Capital Area Council (Maryland)
  • R. Doyle Parrish, Occoneechee Council (North Carolina)
  • Lloyd Hugh Redd, National Capital Area Council (Maryland)
  • Brian Thiessen, Mt. Diablo Silverado Council (California)
  • Michael L. Thompson, Blue Ridge Council (South Carolina)
  • Frank Tsuru, Sam Houston Area Council (Texas)
  • Billy W. Walley, Pine Burr Area Council (Mississippi)
  • Charles D. Wurster, San Diego-Imperial Council (California)


  • Scott R. Berger, Patriots Path Council (Guttenberg, N.J.)
  • Scott R. Christensen, Theodore Roosevelt Council (Manhasset, N.Y.)
  • Reid A. Christopherson, Sioux Council (Garretson, S.D.)
  • Joe R. Crafton Jr., Circle Ten Council (Dallas)
  • Gary E. Crum, Longs Peak Council (Laramie, Wyo.)
  • Thomas C. Edwards, Golden Gate Area Council (Lafayette, Calif.)
  • Jennifer Hancock, Nevada Area Council (South Lake Tahoe, Calif.)
  • Charles D. Holmes, Circle Ten Council (Garland, Texas)
  • Dabney Kennedy, Sam Houston Area Council (Houston)
  • Jeffrey J. Kosik, Central Florida Council (Clermont, Fla.)
  • Brother Kevin Dismas Moshier fsp, Orange County Council (Oceanside, Calif.)
  • Norbert Anthony Steinhardt III, Crossroads of America Council (Indianapolis)
  • Thomas Richard Yarboro, Yocona Area Council (Goldsboro, N.C.)


  • Timothy L. Beaty, Pleasant View, Utah
  • Devang Desai, Coral Gables, Florida
  • Jeffrey H. Goldsmith, South Orange, New Jersey
  • Michael K. Lanning, Pacific Palisades, California
  • Richard G. Mason, Hoboken, New Jersey
  • Jin Matsumoto, Lawrenceville, Georgia
  • Paul L. Moffat, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • James T. Morris, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Stephen Carl Nicolaysen, Nampa, Idaho
  • Rev. Arties R. Phillips Jr., Chicago, Illinois
  • David P. Rumbarger Jr., Tupelo, Mississippi
  • John A. Severino, Princeton, New Jersey
  • Darlene R. Sprague, Niagara Falls, New York
  • William S. Sugden, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Brigitte Therivel, Kingwood, Texas
  • Survivors of abuse in Scouting


  • Mike Bliss, Klamath Falls, Ore.
  • Salvatore Ciampo, Bethpage, N.Y.
  • Robert Coleman, Woodside, Calif.
  • Donald Dare, Powell, Tenn.
  • Joel Eacker, Las Vegas, Nev.
  • Laurence Green, North Myrtle Beach, S.C.
  • Janet Griffin, Kennewick, Wash.
  • Norfleet Johnston Sr., Loretto, Tenn.
  • Andrew Miller, Boulder, Colo.
  • Patrick Noack, Delray Beach, Fla.
  • William Perkins, Providence, Utah.
  • The Hon. Randy Potts, Glenwood, Md.
  • Leonard Williams Jr., Orlando, Fla.
  • Lisa Wylie, Oro Valley, Ariz.


Last update: July 13, 2023


    • I received my silver beaver award feb 2/2/2002. I was wondering why it does not show in 2002 in your listings?

      • Hello! As previously mentioned, THIS list is the Silver BUFFALO for recognition at a National Level. You mentioned “Silver Beaver” list…which is the Local Council/Area/Regional recognition. That is why they are not listed. 🙂

  1. Congratulations to ALL the Silver Buffalo Recipient whom has given back to the Community and the Youth Program.

  2. I just looked at the whole list of Silver Buffalo Award recipients. I don’t think the general public are aware of the notable citizens who have participated in the Boy Scout program over the last 90 years. I think we should tell them,i.e. Public Service announcement, Commercials, Scouting Magazine, Bill Boards, etc. etc. etc.

  3. Congratulations to all the recipients!
    How do you nominate someone? We have a gentleman (in the truest sense) in the Laurel Highlands Council. His name is Mr. Kenneth Halliday that is truly deserving. He serves in our troop and ar Heritage Scout camp.

  4. Nominations for the Silver Buffalo require extensive service to youth and/or Scouting at the National and/or international level for many years. For troop or local camp service you may consider the Silver Beaver. Contact your local scout council President.

  5. Looking for the Podiatrist who received a SILVER BUFFALO award.
    I believe he was from Mississippi. 2011 to 2018

  6. I have Find in the list of Persons who was Awarded the Silver Beaver Award there are many names in Cascade Pacific Council in Oregon not listed. In all the names there was only several list in Oregon and Washington. It appears the West Coast is Forgotten.

    • John F. Kennedy did not receive the Silver Buffalo. Generally, it was awarded in the summer of a President’s last year of his first term, and a posthumous award cannot be made. Since he was assassinated before he would normally have received it, he did not receive the award. Presidents have since been presented the award earlier in their first term in office.

    • You are kidding?
      I am guessing that the Waldman rink or all the other projects he has done for kids got over looked. His Philanthropy and service to community surely rates the a Buffalo!!!

    • No he isn’t. John F. Kennedy died before he could be awarded it.

      I was there to witness Donald Trump’s travesty of a speech at the 2017 National Jamboree. His low class performance (true to form) established that he would not be awarded it. He is the antithesis of the each point of the Scout Law.

    • Most Presidents did not receive the award. I did not think he would have deserved it anyway. A scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent. He missed a few of these.

    • Fifteen Presidents of the United States have been awarded the Silver Buffalo: #27 William Howard Taft 1927, #30 Calvin Coolidge 1929, #31 Herbert Hoover 1930, #32 Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1930, #33 Harry Truman 1950, #34 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1946, #36 Lyndon B. Johnson 1964, #37 Richard Nixon 1971, #38 Gerald Ford 1975 (also a Distinguished Eagle Scout), #39 Jimmy Carter 1978, #40 Ronald Reagan 1982, #41 George H. W. Bush 1990, #42 Bill Clinton 1997, #43 George W. Bush 2002, and #44 Barack Obama 2013.

  7. Was Fielding Chandler not a recipient? He passed away in 2000 at 101. I remember him wearing the Silver Buffalo regularly in the early eighties, yet his name is not found…?

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