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Scoutmaster Bill Hemenway of Troop 1776 in Plano, Tex., can smile because he realizes that there's plenty of room in the Chevrolet Traverse for all of his gear and more. The Ford Flex behind him also offers exceptional room and a head-turning design. Click here to read Steven Cole Smith's story about the Traverse, Flex, and three other vehicles that we've deemed perfect for hauling your kids and gear to camp.

Cover photograph by John R. Fulton Jr.

In the March - April 2009 Issue

  • News Briefs
  • Boys' Life Preview Take a look at opportunities for exciting service projects and a high-altitude summer camp trip.
  • Worth Retelling Learn what all the "buzz" is about.
  • Family Together Even though the Staversky family's calendar is full of hockey, school, and Scouting events, there's still time to share in family values.
  • Scoutmaster's Toolbox The BSA's three-level training continuum for developing youth leaders ensures that boys get the tools they need at each leadership stage.
  • Outdoor Smarts It's a pretty big world out there, so you better get started. If you seek a literal or an imaginary adventure, these books will take you there.
  • Easy Eats For those who like pasta but think it's too heavy for warmer weather, check out the spring makeover we've given the classic dish.
  • Family Fun Page We hope that these puzzles aren't too ruff.
Now You're Cooking!
We asked for your best camp recipes, and you came through in a big way. After considering nearly 350 submissions, we present the 10 winners. Warning: This story and its photos may cause excessive watering of the mouth.
First Among Equals
Philmont is not your typical campground, and the Philmont Leadership Challenge is not your run-of-the-mill adult training course. We take you inside the innovative program for Scouters who are already Wood Badge trained.
Haul Your Kids and Gear
Question: What do a bunch of restless kids and a heaping pile of gear have in common?
Answer: They all must get to camp somehow. To help you do that safely, we give you our picks for the best '09 Scout-movers.
Get the Message
The BSA hopes its updated youth-protection video will help create a safe environment in all aspects of the program by helping leaders intervene before abuse takes place.