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Boys' Life magazine helps make your Scouting program and your Scouts excel. Research shows that boys who subscribe to the magazine advance farther, spend more time outdoors, and stay in Scouting longer than those who don't.

Check out these exciting articles designed to make advancement easy and fun, scheduled for publication in the March and April 2009 issues of Boys' Life.

Racing super mario: A feature for Cub Scouts

He has driven race cars more than 250 miles per hour and has won more than 100 races, including the Indianapolis 500. But will Mario Andretti’s impressive résumé help him take the checkered flag on the much-smaller pinewood derby racecourse? In the March issue, your boys will love reading about the lucky Cub Scouts in Arizona who got to test their skills against the racing legend.

Photograph by Bnadia Borowski Scott

Going Wild: A Feature for Boy Scouts

Humans continue to fill up our planet at an alarming rate, and that usually means trouble for endangered species whose habitats shrink every day. But it’s not too late. Your entire troop—especially those Boy Scouts seeking the Fish and Wildlife Management merit badge—should grab the March issue to see ways they can appreciate, protect, and preserve the wildlife around them.

Photograph by John R. Fulton Jr.

Baseball is Back: A Feature for All Scouts

When color returns to the trees and the temperature climbs, it’s almost baseball season. And who better to get your boys ready for America’s pastime than some of the sport’s best? Join Derek Jeter (right), Johan Santana, and others as they discuss the right ways to play baseball—hard work and mental toughness—and the dangers of steroids. Have your future Gold Glove winners check out the April issue for a head start on the season and help earning the Sports merit badge, Sportsman activity badge, or Baseball belt loop.

Photograph by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

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