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Strolling upright through a guided tour of a "show cave" requires little exertion. But for the Scouts of Troop 109, a trip through a "wild cave" meant an adventure of a lifetime. The Scouts, like Kyle Combes (pictured), squeezed through Arizona's Crystal Cave and found some unforgettable sights inside. Join freelance writer Michael Rutland as we explore these amazing underground caverns -- and experience the bumps along the way.

Cover photograph by Vince Heptig.

In the October 2008 Issue

Mixed Messages
From video games to the Internet to TV, a deluge of messages bombards kids each day. That makes the task of teaching them media literacy even more important.
Unlocking a Magical World
Troop 109's long-awaited trip inside the mysterious, wonderful world of caves almost came crumbling down when leaders couldn't find the key to get inside.
Shut Down the Parental ATM
Kiplinger's Janet Bodnar dispenses some free advice on how to teach your kids the value of a dollar and how they can budget their cash.
Here's to Your Health
At the Scout-Aid Exposition, New York Scouts learned firsthand about dealing with disabilities and disease in a twist on the typical weekend camporee.
Paths of Glory
Scouts on bicycles weaved through the statues and battlefields of Gettysburg in an experience that featured reenactors, black-powder rifles, and huge cannons.
OA Scoutreach Mentoring Program
Young Scouts get a taste of the Scouting spectrum from mentors who teach them the fun of adventure and basic camping skills.