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That leering face looks like Jack Nicholoson's character in The Shining, right? But don't be alarmed. It's merely kids' author Jon Scieszka's tongue-in-cheek way of displaying his intense belief that you can get your reluctant-reader boys to crack a book for fun. How? Writer Mary Jacobs tells all in her interviews with Scieszka and other authorities.

Cover photograph by Marc and Melanie Chartrand.

In the September 2008 Issue

Design of the Times
New fabric, new colors, new functions -- get moving in the BSA's redesigned high-performance uniform.
Meet the Parents
Cub Scouts at the Daniel Boone Council's Spring Fling encounter BBs, owl pellets, and lots of moms and dads they didn't know they had.
A Salute to Our Volunteers
The BSA honors its past while planning for the future during its national annual meeting in San Diego.
Guys Read Guy Books
What's the secret to boys and reading? Give them books about things they like: adventure, biography, science fiction, sports, and yes, even gross humor.
Leading the Way
A salute to some of America's top CEOs, who learned the value of service to others in Scouting and carried on that tradition when they hit the top of their game.